Playstation 3's being used to do more amazing things

This news comes just days after several Playstation 3's were linked together to create a representation of the workings of the human brain and professors at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth used 8 PS3's for astrophysics research. It seems the Cell processor is at it again.

Engadget reports: "We've certainly seen PlayStation 3s used in academia before, but a "significant gift" by IBM to the University of Maryland-Baltimore County is enabling the institution to further develop its Multicore Computational Center. The facility now utilizes 32 Cell processors, and researchers at the lab are getting set to "develop applications" to harness all that power. Reportedly, the supercomputer will dabble in "visualization and computer modeling applications for aerospace / defense, financial services, healthcare / life sciences industries and weather." Hit the link below for a video report."

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PimpHandHappy4043d ago

i hope they use it to time travel! That would really help sales


mighty_douche4043d ago

lol dude that cracked me up! bubbles!


Mikey_Gee4043d ago

Release KZ and make it what you are selling it to be , then I will for sure pick up my PS3 at Christmas.


GAMES FIRST. Not saying current games are bad on it, but they need to pick up the pace a bit IMHO

nasim4043d ago

just wait for FF13,MGS4,GT5 and KZ2.

competitors will run away like butterflies. Uncharted will be a technical showpiece of ps3 this year.

HAZE would also be an amazing game

scheme_a4042d ago

I do agree they need more games, and quite few are on their way from next month to december,

But dude, there's nothing wrong with universities and researchers utilizing PS3 for good cause.

If sony was developing softwares and services for them (like folding) instead of creating games, that would definitely raise concern on me too, but the PS3's they are using aren't even given by sony to begin with, so I don't really see any point in criticizing sony on this one.

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Scythesean4043d ago

Skynet is slowly becoming reality soon the machines powered by the mighty cell will destroy all 360's in the world!


Play one hell of a game of chess to see which Cell chip is smarter!

Reguardless we are in for one hell of a ride!

damnwrx4043d ago

Hack into military/ aerospace control, yeah!

mighty_douche4043d ago

i see the central defence ageny will be on the PSN now...

pfft they'll get pwned...


steviebomb4043d ago

It will be interesting to see what comes of the applications they develop that will supposedly "harness all that power." For some reason I like to see any gaming system getting press for doing something besides just playing games.

sak5004042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Well it would sell better if ps3 was targeted at Scientists and hospitals, they are the actual target market for it. Cell can't do gaming $hit. Well most of you 12 year old have now option of becoming scientists and utilizing the amazing power of the ps3.

[email protected] B3yond...

Bebedora4042d ago

Wow, my ignore list is getting bigger by the day. Got to love this function though.

Jinxstar4042d ago

I know what you mean. Sak has been on my ignore list a while. As well as many others.

progx4043d ago

LOL how many stories are there gona be about this thing doing everything BUT play games? Game console my ass.

steviebomb4043d ago

Hehe we have completely different opinions about that. Oh well, to each his own, I guess.

teto834043d ago

So when you're sitting around playing Halo 3 in your mom`s basement or dancing arond like a jerk with your Wii controllers,just remember: If you're diagnosed with lymphoma(cancer), the reason there's no cure is because you wouldn't help out and buy a PS3.

Join the real fight!!!

[email protected] team#43522

ash_divine4043d ago

I can barely began to explain how awesome the post above mine was.

cmrbe4043d ago

That PS3 is being used by other people to advance quality of life?.
teto83, you said it right man.

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