North America Hates GT5?

The PlayStation Show takes a deeper look at the sales numbers of GT5 and finds some shocking data. Read more to see what they found.

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ediddy9992794d ago

Interesting that GT5 was outsold by Forza 3 in North America. I would have thought GT5 would have blown Forza out of the water.

Fishy Fingers2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Actually those numbers show GT5 just outselling Forza in the US.

But either way, install base and advertising would have surely favoured Forza in the US.

Shadow Flare2794d ago

This is nothing new though. The same thing happened with GT4. GT4 sold relatively low in America compared to Europe. What does it matter? GT4 went on to sell over 10 million units. GT5 will do the same

Btw, to all those people who claimed GT5 wouldn't sell as well as it's predecessors for whatever reasons..... were wrong. Again.

LiL T2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I love how people think North america is only the u.s. Canada loves the GT series, after all its been at every car show I have ever been to for the last 15 years. I have never ever seen fortza at a car show unless it was in a custom install that was losing to one of my installs.

edit. OH YEAH, don't forget to go to the Toronto autoshow this week to post a fast lap time at the GT5 booth to have a chance at the grand prize.

Anon19742794d ago

And what's the point of this article? All it shows is Europeans like GT more than North America. This isn't news. European sales of GT4 creamed NA sales of the product.

I've got to say, something this illustrate is just how out to lunch VGChartz figures are again. Not only are their hardware figures completely screwy, but this puts their GT5 numbers off by almost a million.

It always happens that way. Whenever official numbers come out from anywhere, all it does is shine a big ole spotlight on just how far off VGChartz always is. What's funny is they're planning on trying to launch a "pro" service. Maybe work at getting your facts straight before you start asking people to shell out extra for the privilege of having more in-depth access to ioi's bogus numbers.

darthv722794d ago

It should also reflect Japan as well because sales wise....they must not love it also.

BlackKnight2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Fishy Fingers:

"Only 24% (1.5 million units) of all copies of GT5 were sold to the North American gaming market."

"Forza 3 sales, where in contrast to GT5, the North American market makes up 57% of its sales or 2.7 million units."

Forza 3 sold 2.7 million while GT5 sold only 1.5 million in NA.

Can you not read? Can all the people who agreed with you not read? Did you guys even read the article?

Oh, fanboys.

Chubear2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

you should take it with a massive grain of salt. I don't really know the numbers of NA sales for both games but I do know that one released over a year ago and the other about 2months ago.

Regardless, if Forza3 does out sell GT5 in NA for lifetime sales (which has never happened in the past) then gosh, that shows you the power of advertising and funds dedicated to gamingsites for favorable reviews in NA.

But again, VGC# should always be taken with a massive grain of salt always. Heck they have KZ1 #s as something like 1mill when it was revealed by GG on their website when KZ2 was coming out that it sold over 2mill.

I find the people who rely on VGC #s do so for the purpose of trying to manipulate reality but I'm sure if many PS gamers now play that same ol' game they'll be accused of being hypocrites.

Hey, just tell us what the name of the game is. Weather it's sales or quality or quantity or VGC #s or whatever and PS3 gamers will play the game YOU play and at the end.. :)

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R2D22794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )


I love America.

LMAO @ the disagrees.

XMBeaner2794d ago


I love Japan.

writersblock2794d ago

Only americans love america

DarkSpawnClone2794d ago

yeah True Only americans love america..and Japan is crazy and weird,they make anime & lots of things which is why i love japan.

but me... I AM CANADIAN :)

Yep,ahh canadian and proud to be one :)

zootang2794d ago


That backfired, lol.

LiL T2794d ago


HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! Awsome EH! Canadians know how to party thats for sure. Proud to be CANADIAN TOO!

plumber152794d ago

i love to visit america but i will never live there

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iPad2794d ago

if i recall, gt isnt that big in USA

INehalemEXI2794d ago

It's big in my sector. I drive muscle car though in reality :D

ugo2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

but gt5 outsold forza franchise in 6 weeks

SoapShoes2794d ago

NA does not hate GT, it always ends up at a healthy 3 million sold and GT5 in six weeks is already half way there compared to GT4 which has had over 5 years to sell on the market.

GT3 only did so well in NA compared to the others because it was heavily bundled... That's right, PS2s were bundled with GT3 a lot back when PS2 was new.

otherZinc2794d ago

GT5 wasn't finished!

Its evident by the insane amount of updates its received since launch.

I guess North America doesn't pay $60 for an unfinished product.

MRMagoo1232794d ago

so lets get this straight Americans dont like paying $60 on an unfinished product but they didnt mind laying $400 on a 360 which was by far a more unfinished product???

The_Ultimate_Guy2791d ago

@ MRMagoo123

$400 product that had a 3 year warranty on it. What is your warranty on GT5 being unfinished?

2794d ago
Jaces2793d ago

It was always more popular in Europe along with various other countries.

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jizzyjones2794d ago

GT5 sold 1.5m in the US in 6 weeks, forza3 did 2.7m since its launch over a year hardly say they 'hate gt5'.

ipe2794d ago

not only that, forza 3 is most bundled game this gen, not by retailers but by MS, directly from production
- forza standalone bundle
- forza 3 + odst+360
- forza 3 + wake+360
- forza 3 + kinect+360
- forza 3 + lego+pure
- forza 3 + eflc
- forza 3 + bayonetta/crackdown
- bundled with wheels lmao
heck maybe i missed some, all these bundles u can find via google

XMBeaner2794d ago

GT5 is in its infancy and my guess, this time next year the sales will be double this.

trounbyfire2794d ago

well forza isn't core its an arcade game posing as a core sim with damage stickers. now my fellow ps3 fanboys might disagree with me but i think time was a factor in the relative low sale in NA. I think it will take some time for NA to wise up and so GT6 needs to be out in 2 or 3 years.

also sony needs to put GT, KZ UC ads everywhere since they are sony's genre leader but with KZ3 coming out and preorders not even 200,000 i can't say i am confident it will change soon

anyone notice sony is slowly becoming more aggressive. calm before the storm, i bet i am right. E3 is going to be great

Si-Fly2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Congratulations on achieving a 1st class degree in Fanboyism...

I agree that with the steering assist that using a controller has in Forza it's slightly arcadey but try plugging in a Fanatec 911 Turbo/GT2 and telling me it's any less sim like than GT5.

I got up to level 31 in GT, totally bored of the grind and pathetic online system. Say what you want about Forza but the community is what has pulled me back to that game, sadly Polyphony learnt nothing from the tuning and storefront features Turn 10 implemented, 5 years in development and I'm left feeling short changed.

Pyscho_Mantis2794d ago

wat Turn 10s tuning is half assed BS. Changing an exhaust should create a different sound and mechanical changes are far more noticeable and varied than in Forza. Storefront. Why does GT5 need it.

trounbyfire2794d ago

you do realize that i am a proud PS/ sony fanboy so your first line is not offensive. don't confuse fanboys and trolls like most people (media) do.

second if you like forza more good for you thats cool, i don't care and again PS/sony is where i spend my time.

are you one of those "own both consoles" people AKA fanboys ashamed to be fanboys. its ok to be a fanboy you will not be banned from PSN or live, your friends don't care

Biggest2794d ago

Why do people, like Si-Fly, call other people fanboys to start their comment, and the proceed to make fanboyish comments themselves? I get it. You don't like Sony, PD, or GT5. You should get that other people don't like Forza. He's a fanboy. You're a fanboy. I'm a fanboy. It's obvious. You don't get cool points for saying "OMG HE'S A FANBOY!!" as if you aren't.

And for the record, you felt short changed because someone told you that you should feel short changed. Usually when you get more for your money you feel like you made out like a bandit. The buzz words from the negative media convinced you to ignore common sense and reality.

Si-Fly2794d ago

@psychomantis - obviously you haven't played Forza if you think tuning has less impact on your cars than GT5, visit the Tuning Marketplace on the Forza forums to see what you're missing.

@biggest - read my posts, I love Sony and tbh spend more time on my PS3 than Xbox. And I've been playing GT since the first one so I think I'm entitled to have an opinion on the lack of innovation in Polyphonys series. What I can't stand is the way owners of GT defend the game when in many areas, car handling excluded, it is falling behind other racing franchises. Are you going to be happy with the grind, online mess, and stale frontend on GT6 7 and 8?! The biggest disappointment is atm they haven't been matched by other developers when it comes to car physics on consoles, it's just a shame the rest of the game hasn't progressed over the last 13 years...

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Heavy_Rain2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

GT5 sold 6.37 million in 6 weeks. You can throw as many smoke screens as you want but facts are facts. Its a huge seller. No ads nothing required. Americans dont like racing as much as shooting. thats it period. Nothing anyone can do about it. I am happy for GT5's no. Its a great game.

SoapShoes2794d ago

NA does not hate GT, it always ends up at a healthy 3 million sold and GT5 in six weeks is already half way there compared to GT4 which has had over 5 years to sell on the market.

GT3 only did so well in NA compared to the others because it was heavily bundled... That's right, PS2s were bundled with GT3 a lot back when PS2 was new.

TBM2794d ago

kind of the same way forza 3 is heavily bundled. the 6 week comparison between the two shows which one performed better.

i think if MS didnt bundle the game so much it wouldnt have the numbers it does now.