Risen 2 announced, will be “pirate-based”

Deep Silver has revealed that the follow up to 2009′s poorly-received Risen will be getting a sequel very soon, and that it’s theme will be largely “pirate-based”.

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Johandevries2799d ago

''poorly-received Risen''
On the 360, yes. It was a total hit for PC

Elven62799d ago

"poorly-received" LOL nice "research". The PC version reviewed pretty well and has a 77 on MetaCrtic, the 360 version did ok and has a 60.

Both of these scores are FAR from "poor", we do live in a world where games have MC ratings below 40 after all...

Zinc2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I enjoyed it, but I am a PC gamer. As to how well it did on Xbox... Games like Risen usually don't do all that well on consoles. They are more PC centered experiences and appeal to PC tastes.

Also, most console gamers are used to a certain formula and when a game doesn't fit that formula exactly, they have trouble acclimating. Not to mention that it's a European developer, so there is a different design sensibility - Just look at the STALKER (Russian/Eastern European) series for an example or Two Worlds.

Not every game is going to be like Final Fantasy (which is an Eastern design sensibility) or Halo or Killzone (a European take on an American created genre) or even a Elder Scrolls game (which are themselves different now than when they were just on PC).

Raendom2799d ago

Oh hell yes! Needed an open-world pirate game since... forever! Officially excited about this.

TheNocturnus2799d ago

Cool, I loved the first one.

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