Official Minecraft release coming to iPhone and iPad

Gamasutra: "Markus Persson, founder of Mojang, the Swedish developer behind indie phenomenon Minecraft, has exclusively revealed to Gamasutra that an official iOS version of the hit game is currently in the works for iPhone and iPad."

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SonyNGP2821d ago

Minecrack on the go?


Gawdl3y2821d ago

It's likely that the Android version will come first, as he was already testing it a while back. He mentioned it on his Twitter. It's not news that mobile versions will be coming, as like I said, he's already mentioned it on his Twitter several times.

f7897902821d ago

There's going to be an Android version?????


Gawdl3y2821d ago

Well of course there is, Notch himself uses an Android phone.

HolyOrangeCows2821d ago

I'd like to get it on NGP. That'd be freaking awesome.

KingDustero2821d ago

I'd like to see a PS3/PSP2 version myself. It would be pretty cool to be able to play at home, but easily be able to copy your saves to the PSP2 version to take on the go.

It is great that it is coming to the iOS and Android, but I just don't like using the touch screen for first person games on my iPod. I find it to be more frustrating than fun to play games like that on it.

Lilbambit2821d ago

there goes any productivity i might have had during the day

kasasensei2821d ago

I want it on psp!!! please!!

DUSK5062821d ago

now just bring it to PSN/XBL

FanboyPunisher2821d ago


Fucking netbooks can run it, why couldn't you get this for PC?

Shit man, drop the commodore 64' and upgrade!

f7897902821d ago

Lol my laptop can barely run it while it can at least run Supreme Commander on low settings. Some driver issue that makes it go 10 fps when you get near my massive structures.

DUSK5062821d ago

lol I play it on my pc, I just think it would be cool to have it on consoles.

StbI9902821d ago

Hey wtf is up with these devs lately...IPHONE is getting way too freaking much support when it comes down to what platform publish your stuff for...where is the love for the 3DS...or NGP, sckers.

Frenza2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I sense a smell of apple, a rotten apple. or just "Money money money" said with the accent from killing floor. Yep, iPhone is getting too much support. Hey notch, what do you say to "finish" your game before you start porting it over to other platforms?

f7897902821d ago

Minecraft would be kind of annoying to play on a controller. The benefit of a mouse on the pc or a touchscreen is you can switch items quickly. Very important for creeper encounters.

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