Bulletstorm review - 4/5 in Empire

The first Bulletstorm review has appeared online and it's a 4/5 from Empire.

The movie mag boldly calls Epic's new IP "the most innovative first-person shooter in years," praising its "addictive" skillshot system and "instantly endearing" arsenal of weapons.

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plb2821d ago

"the most innovative first-person shooter in years"...

Really? Sounds like they don't play many games.

Daz2821d ago

Well it is diffrent then alot of shooters. But the most innovative game in years i dont think it is.
Each of there own.

BeaArthur2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Just out of curiosity what would you call the most innovative shooter in the last few years?

FailOverHero2821d ago

I suppose you know this because you've played the full game? No of course not. But I'm sure if he'd said Killzone 3 you'd agree even though you haven't played the whole thing yet.

Heavy_Rain2821d ago

Yet you are quick to question a websites credibility and OPM's credibility whenever KZ gets a very high score as if you have played the whole game. Did anyone mention KZ in the comments above. Its your insecurity that made you comment about KZ in a bulletstorm article. Seriously I think you should put yourself out of your misery and get a ps3. I am sure you can earn a few bucks instead of trolling and get another console.
On Topic - Good score. Didnt think to much of the demo but maybe the game is much better then what was represented in the demo. Will try it def sometime

GrieverSoul2821d ago

lol. Heavy_Rain just pawned FailOverHero.

On topic, this is a review from a film mag?! How much credibility does that deserve?!?!

ChristianGamer2821d ago

Heavy Rain, I remember Fail's questioning of OPM and he admitted his mistake in that very thread. I don't remember any other time he has spoken against any high killzone 3 review. You're welcome to prove me wrong

Achemki2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Played it already. It really isn't that innovative at all imo.

Bionic Commando arm.
Stranglehold/Heavenly Sword/Max Payne sniper bullet cam'.
Dante's Inferno big dino-demon helper.
No jump button.
Typical weapons (Carbine/pistol/grenade launcher) and explosive barrels.
Repetitive closed arena battles.
Enemies say the same thing over and over and over again ("suffer...suffer").
Skill point kills are completely un-needed to progress. You can play it straight COD style.
Same ol' Unreal engine with a healthy dose of jaggies.

So yeah. No. Why make fun of dramatic red screen damage and health regen' in "Duty Calls" when your game has...the same red screen damage and health regen', lol?

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WiIIiam2821d ago

I hope this game surprises me and turns out to be great. I love FPS games, but I'm feeling a bit fatigued with them lately. I was excited about Killzone 3 until the demo and Beta, which made the game seem routine (and dumbed down, but whatever). Still, I found the Bulletstorm demo to be shallow and repetitive. Here's to hoping I was wrong about that game.

byeGollum2821d ago

4/5 I guess they were being generous, I expected less (based on the demo).

Flashwave_UK2821d ago

wow this game is full of fail there only gonna praise it for the scummy points

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