Death By Robots - Top 10: Video Game Crabs

Doomey for DBR writes: Crabs! They feature everywhere it seems. They are a rich source of entertainment, enemies, and paella substance.

We would like to celebrate with you our favourite crabs featured in video games, to show DBR is more than just bums and rants… diversity is key…

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nick_gamestribe2823d ago

It's true, a very poignant observation - there are indeed many crabs in videogames! More so than lobsters. I'm sure you've missed some though. I'm going to find out which ones (set up a facebook group about crabs in videogames many, many moons ago - this is the truth).

Spangles2822d ago

Yes Nick i see your point. The artful and diligent crustaceans know as crabs do appear in many games. TO THE BATCRAB!