Video games and feminism: are they mutually exclusive?

Shout Out JMU: As I sat today, watching a female friend play Call of Duty for the first time on her brand new XBox 360, she made a statement that made me think: “I’m just crappy at the moment, the other players don’t wanna play with me.” This got me thinking about women and the video gaming industry. I don’t know many women that kick butt at Halo or spend a minimum of six hours a day playing World of Warcraft. I thought about how women in and around the video game industry are portrayed. Also, that the “nerdy” aspect of gaming should be something that attracts women: we’re nerds about a lot of stuff!

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bwazy2787d ago

I'm pretty sure the same can be said for Men and Romance Novels and Half ass T.V. shows such as gossip girl (almost dumped my gf after THAN one). Its just made for a different type of person... I mean really, I'm sure theirs more Women in the world who watch soap (sp?) operas every day that there is men who game on every console combined. Its just human nature in regards to sex differences.