How is Nintendo’s 3DS UK marketing shaping up?

3DS Tribe looks into how good a job Nintendo are doing with 3DS marketing in the UK now we've seen the first signs of things.

They write: "As we rapidly approach the release of the Nintendo 3DS you can expect to start seeing a lot of Nintendo’s new console in the media. Viewers of the recent Brit Awards were treated to the debut of the first UK 3DS TV advert. Even if you weren’t watching The Brit Awards we’re sure you’ve seen the advert by now, be it on TV or via youtube...

...At a recent Pokémon event – the Celebi event – at a branch of Game we witnessed this form of marketing first hand. A member of staff carrying a 3DS allowed various people to have a go with the machine. No retail games were available but the public were allowed to try out such features as the Mii Maker, 3D Camera and Face Raiders software."

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