Black Ops: Girls Dominate at Call of Duty

Gamertube: I’m not stereotyping girls. There are a lot of gamer girls who are probably better than a lot of guys. Hell, my cousin was able to get 4 kills in her second game. This also goes to show how easy it is to pick up COD and play.

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Relientk772822d ago

There's no girls in that video :-(

sidenote: I really like the map Grid btw

iamtehpwn2822d ago

How the hell is a girl being good at a game being news?

Visari2822d ago

It's news because the game is Black Ops, not Cooking Mama.

El-Fenemeno12132822d ago

But cooking mama requires more skill than black ops

Elvfam5112822d ago

But Nicholas Cage requires skill to watch then black ops

Ducky2822d ago

Probably because they're less likely to go rambo'ing around.

Although CoD leans towards the arcade side, it is easy to rack up kills by playing it pseudo-realistically. (i.e. quit running around with a sniper rifle pretending it's a shotgun)

Focker4202822d ago

CoD is VERY noob friendly. Not saying all girls are noobs by any means, but its really not very difficult to be good at CoD.

BlueEye2822d ago

MW2 is noob friendly, a massive part of the COD community arrived with MW2. And then they slowly learned to be better, its not THAT difficult to be good at COD but it takes a good amount of time until you can (lets say in BO) Get a Chopper Gunner or higher every other or every game (like me). But yeah its starting to branch a lot into being arcadey.

Bnet3432822d ago

Not hard to get Chopper Gunner. On Firing Range, roast some marshmellows in that trailer with a motion sensor.

TheBossMan2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I didn't buy Blops out of disrespect for Treyarch but I've played MW1 & 2 and one can easily rack up enough kills to get the maximum killstreak reward every life they have if they play it cautiously. It's not as fun, but it's really simple. Sniping from distant spots and making sure to change where you shoot from after every few kills will almost always equal you getting a Nuke or AC130 or what have you. It's amazingly simple because all it takes it a few retards on the other team and you have your rifle fodder and you're good to go.

I went 86-4 on Scrapyard by alternating sniping from the tall building or the shorter one on the other end of the map. Idiots will just keep running into the middle and being wide-open targets. It's even better if someone on the other team tries to counter-snipe you but sucks at it so you just get an extra kill every 30 seconds or so when they reposition themselves.

BkaY2822d ago

girls in warhawk kicks COD blk ops girls asssssssssss everyday of the week...


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PWNER2822d ago

Did you watch the video? It's a joke article ;P

Urrakia342822d ago

Gosh some of her comments are completly retarded.....

TXIDarkAvenger2822d ago

Is anyone getting a little tired of hearing news about girl gamers? like seriously its not that special.

BTW CoD is an easy game...nothing to bitch about.

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The story is too old to be commented.