The Top 7… disastrous game romances

Love’s a funny old thing, ain’t it? It inspires great works of art. It knows no boundaries, conquering race, creed and geography. And it totally forces you to fork out for cheap-ass chocolates on anniversaries. While love affairs can end a bit messily in real life, we’ve yet to see a couple with romantic woes commit international espionage or murderise a series of skyscraper-sized monsters for each other. But in video games? Hell, its normal practice for digital Cupid’s arrows. So, in the spirit of being a week late for Valentine’s Day, we thought it was high time to celebrate some of gaming’s most ruinous romances.

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shaundbstn2822d ago

Wander and Mono definitely deserve to be number one. I'm sorry, I love my girlfriend, but I don't know about 16 colossi. I'm afraid of heights.

midgard2272822d ago

lmao dom and maria??? i cracked up at that part, mayb if the story telling was better i woulda felt bad buuuut wasnt the case, it gave me a good laugh tho so glad it happened

EditorAtGNG2822d ago

Max Payne and Mona Sax definitely. That story was so full of drama, tragedy and death it couldn't have ended any other way.

Then again I remind myself of the "tragedy named Max Payne 3" at Rockstar and I know there are worse things than death.