UT 2007 trailer drops jaws!

An utterly amazing new Unreal Tournament 2007 trailer has been released. Quite what kind of PC rig will be required to run UT2007 at the level we're seeing in the footage has our purses a-trembling in fear, but then you could always buy a PS3 to play it on.

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THE TRUTH5378d ago

Another reason why GOW won't effect PS3, with UT2007 looking this good and on the horizion I can't wait to get it!!! hope they can get it to 1080p

BadTaste5378d ago

So what other reasons are there that GoW won't effect PS3?

xboxlj5378d ago

Why are you hating on GOW. I personally think it will be better than UT2007.

TheMART5378d ago

First off, these are PC screens. I have seen no ingame footage of PS3 yet that can even touch the worst 360 title up to date

Second, UT2007 is not as exiting as new exclusives like Gears of War. Or Quake Wars that'll come to 360 from John Carmack. And it wouldn't surprise me if UT2007 makes it also to the system, but they're just holding back at this time because too many great shooters are here on short term for 360

Gamer135378d ago

But ive never played a UT game before so if i get this i will be new to it.

achira5378d ago

you habe missed something. i think in multiplayer its the best game ever. it rocks !!!

Optimus Prime5377d ago

so achira, you believe this games multiplayer is better than halo's. get fricken real

dragn avengr5378d ago

WOW, looks excellent. I can't wait to get it.

THE TRUTH5378d ago

PS3 to Take Over Tokyo
Sony announces 27 playable titles for the September Tokyo Game Show.
by Anoop Gantayat
August 23, 2006 - We had a hunch that Sony's presence at the September Tokyo Game Show was going to be big, and now we have confirmation. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today that 27 PS3 games will be playable at the show.

Here's a list of 19 of 27 confirmed playable PS3 titles. The publisher for each game is listed in parentheses.

Railfan (Ongakukan)

Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)

Fatal Inertia (Koei)

Blade Storm (Koei)

Mahjong Taikai IV (Koei)

Coded Arms Assault (Konami Digital Entertainment)

Genji (SCEJ)

Formula One World Championship (SCEJ)

Heavenly Sword (SCEJ)

Lair (SCEJ)

MotorStorm (SCEJ)

Resistance Fall of Man (SCEJ)

The Eye of Judgment (SCEJ)

Warhawk (SCEJ)

Gran Turismo Series (SCEJ)

Minna no Golf 5 (aka Hot Shots Golf, SCEJ)

Ridge Racer (Bandai Namco Games)

Gundam Target in Sight (Bandai Namco Games)

Armored Core 4 (From Software)

The remaining 8 titles are currently a mystery, so we encourage wild speculation


Taming The Dragon:
Next-Generation Asset Creation for PS3

GDC PS3 Lair demo

xboxlj5378d ago

I think the 360 will out perform the ps3, even only slightly.

achira5378d ago

man you must be very crazy to think that the xbox360 can outperform the ps3. its the same think like you would say a pentium one can outperform a pentium 4. lol.

Gh0stDrag0n5378d ago

You must be crazy to think the PS3 will outperform anything, IT ISN'T OUT YET! How do you know how well it will perform? Just because it has SONY on it dosn't mean it will be the best. Right now the 360 is outperforming both the PS3 and the Wii.

TheMART5378d ago

Achira you are a funny fanboy. First off everybody knows the PS3 GPU is a standard Nvidia PC product and why Sony says the specs aren't official yet? Three months for launch?

If it was that strong you're trying to dream off, they would release the specs to give the 360 GPU kicks in the butt. But they're covering up, like Wii is with the specs (but for that one we know they're not getting into HD console battle).

Expect the GPU and total hardware mix not to be as optimized as the 360 one. Go look up the trailer of Lost World. Kicks anything seen ingame on PS3 as hell

TheXgamerLive5362d ago



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