Geohot Next Jailbreak Project: Xperia Play (Legal)

This will definitely make Sony even more furious, after ripping apart Sony's Playstation 3 from every angle, famous jailbreaker GEOHOT now wants to go after Xperia Play. Geohot made his intention clear on his new blog where he is also asking for donation to fund his legal expenses against the platform holder.

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Shanks2796d ago

Bitterness and anger is consuming him, stay away.

Rainstorm812796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Anger leads to hate...Hate leads to suffering...

theunleashed642796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

.....suffering leads to asking for donations.

R2D22796d ago

Donations leads to homebrew goodies for us the cosumers.

captain-obvious2796d ago

hacking an OPEN SOURCES device

silvacrest2796d ago

it being open source does not matter when SE are known to lock their bootloaders, in fact i wouldn't be surprised it if was encrypted

HolyOrangeCows2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

GeoHobbit: "PS3 looking scary again. Better run away! Find something a cell phone!"

Anon19742796d ago

"After ripping apart Sony's Playstation 3...."

Um, didn't he just follow the directions other hackers put out, but actually post the codes he stole?

Like I said before, ethical hackers hack security systems and then bring the problems to the attention of the companies - they don't hack, steal codes that enable piracy and then distribute them - then book an appearance on CNN. That's just douchebaggery.

And like others pointed out before - the PS3 had the ability to run homebrew before via Linux. It's this joker's efforts that had that ability taken away. Stupid of him to claim that he's just trying to enable homebrew. Anyone who wanted that ability had that chance, jackass. You're the one who ruined it.

But of course it was never about looking out for PS3 owners and always about "How can I get another interview on the BBC?"

God I hope Sony finally puts a stop to this attention whore.

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SuperLupe2796d ago

Im no hacker, never pirated, not looking to pirate any time soon but I actually like this Geohot guy dunno why.

Hellsvacancy2796d ago

U dont know why u like sum-1? that makes sense

BattleAxe2796d ago

Because you're a bad judge of character.

plb2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

This is dumb anyway. Most android phones can be rooted and don't even need to be to pirate software to begin with. And no I'm not condoning it because I'm an Android developer myself. Go back to iPhone geohot

silvacrest2796d ago

if hes talking specifically about jailbreaking it from a locked bootloader that may be encrypted, hes got a lot of work a head of him

Noble Spartan2796d ago

what about the NGP too?

Dark Alex & Geohot . Unleashing full potential of NGP.

SoSLy2796d ago

Just like hackers unleashed the full potential of PSP? omg yea!

TheDivine2796d ago

acually hackers did unlock the power of the psp. Psx emulator, snes n64 emulators, all kinds of cool apps. They did stuff sony still cant or wont. I hope the ngp gets cfw or im not buying it. Pay 3-400 for a system that plays worse games than im playing now lol? Now if they unlock ps2 emulators hell yea!

xAlmostPro2796d ago

Aw geo, enjoy your time hacking every possible sony product you can.

I hope sony destroy you in court.

--------2796d ago

I accidentally clicked Disagree, my apologies. In fact, I completely agree. I can't wait to see him ruined. Here, have a well said's free!

Iroquois_Pliskin2796d ago

Frodo's at it again... He might get wacked by the Yakuza if he keeps on going.

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Cloudberry2796d ago

It reminds me of that AC/DC song...



DelbertGrady2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I think of Thin Lizzy.

"One important thing to notice related to Xperia Play, the official description of device reads as "Xperia Play-The First PlayStation Certified Android Smartphone", its specify Xperia Play as a phone and so its legal to jailbreak since has been exempted by US court.

What the above details means that if Geohot tries to jailbreak Xperia Play, the makers can't take any legal action against him as it is legal to jailbreak phones."

Sounds like Sony's gonna have to take it up the butt once more.

@insomnium2 - Not relly. I just find it funny how Sony fanboys act as if he murdered their family or something.

insomnium22796d ago

I bet that makes you very happy.

flyingmunky2796d ago

Sony might be able to classify the device as a gaming device with phone capabilities, instead of a phone with gaming capabilities. If Sony are able to win against him with the ps3 firmware hack Sony might be able to set a precedent that they could push against him for the Xperia.

I can't believe this guy is dumb enough to brag about intending to hack the Xperia play while still in court for the ps3.

Rainstorm812796d ago

I agree Delbert i find it silly as well, but unfortunately you also turn into one of those funny people when anyone bring up the 360 or Kinect... **shrugs shoulders** Go figure

Oxymoron0282796d ago

It is legal yes, but there'll be very little point. The Xperia Play is working towards being an open platform anyway.

Chances are he'll just be wasting his time over pettiness.

Chris3992796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

you half-wit. There's nothing to jailbreak. If he starts hacking the OS to run free copies of PS Suite and d/ling games, then he'll find himself back in court as that's a clear copyright violation.

LOL at all the idiots donating money to him to hack an open device (well its for his current legal fees, but also for that promise). L O L.

RIP_Weazel2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Just wondering DelbertGrady, why do you continue to condone this asshat publicly throwing his toys out of his pram?
Although there seems to be a fair bit of over-reaction to Geohot's "look-at-me adventures", idiots like this should and deserve be reviled across any and all platforms.
Ego massage on the scale that this tool and his socially autistic peers seek, cause significant fall-out for casual users of any piracy afflicted platform.
Bollocks to "championing the rights of the consumer!"
These fu*ktards are only interested is self-promotional aggrandisement. Twats!

xAlmostPro2796d ago

@delbert fanboys act as if he murdered their family?..

thje same way all these "pro hack" guys are acting like sony took away their house and families? lol.. this started because of him, why support him? lol

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waltyftm2796d ago

What a knob, Wish people would stop giving him press.

MWong2796d ago

I got to agree I wish people would stop giving him press and praising the guy. Most people get 15 minutes of fame and say ok I'm done this guy plans on using 20 minutes.

I just wonder how much longer will he continue to try and beat Sony in court especially with his funds dwindling away?

supremacy2796d ago

As if he ever had any capital to begin with, that whole donation was obvious from the start.

These people on here supporting him believed he was going to walk away with a victory. Those other guys at failover ran and are now trying to avoid the same treatment ,they know what they have done is punishable so they ran.

This guy has skills, but personally he is no smarter than your average punk on the streets. A rap video and then asking people to donate to his cause, he is asking people to spend their time and money on him and his stubberness as if any of these people will benifit. You are big enough to wave a war against a giant, make silly rap videos but cant handle your battles?
Is this the same guy that was suppose (according to some of these people on here and other forums and sites) to take down Sony's top paid lawers in a legal battle?
Dont make me laugh at a bad joke, because quite honestly this is what its been from its inception.

Truth is, its not worth anyones time or money. The guy has lost to a giant and that in this day in age where the global economy has become more depandant on these companies than before, is normal.

He can go ahead hack the xperia xplay all he wants, but as soon as he goes and crosses the line again with copyritten materials believe me when I say he is going to get f*cked again, its that simple.

Sony is dealing with the hacks accordingly, and are doing things according to plan. No new hardware(in fact there are rumors pointing towards them holding the ps4 back so you figure), no threats to be taken seriously here just selling consoles at a profit and potentially adding a price drop to that soon. What I see happening is Sony confiscating his private pc and whatever equipment he used to commence the assited hack he is given so much credit for. Regardless if he deletes files, thats nothing 5 thousand dollars can't fix.

Moving forward the NGP I am sure he will hack(if no one else does), but thats a gaming platform and one Sony is working closely with its developing partners this time around. So we will have to see and wait how this one turns out.

But for his sake he needs to stop this nonesense, his actions are that of an angry child with desires of vengence as if he admits losing this battle to begin with.

Because lets be honest here, he is not really harming Sony even if those are his intentions.
All he is doing is opening their eyes and making them become more restricted to its userbase, but even then its userbase is pretty content for the most part with the idea as long as they get some intriguing content coming.

Which ofcourse its pretty much whats been happening.

pedrami912796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )



badz1492796d ago

every hacker in the world will want to be the 1st to hack any new device. plus he didn't hacked the PS3, FailOverFlow did! he just took the fame and is currently paying for it in court! such attention whore! serve him right if you ask me.

Jailbreak the Xperia play all he wants as it's already said in the DMCA that jailbreaking a phone is legal and not really a big problem due to you still need to pay for your calls and msges but try hacking it to the point where you can jump on any network and use the service for free, then you'll see telecom companies start raining him with lawsuits!

ugo2796d ago

dis guy is playing wit fire

karl2796d ago

actually, cant sony just send some hitman to take care of him?

i would gladly take him out of his misery

rybobales2796d ago

He doesn't seem to be in misery...yet, but i would gladly help. I know a guy....