Armored Core V Full Interview With Producer

From Software will release "Armored Core V" for PS3/Xbox360 in 2011.
This is full version of interview with producer Nabeshima that was published on "Dengeki Playstation" released on February 10.

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slavish32796d ago

have a full co-op campain and be as long as the others and i;ll buy day 1.

Godmars2902796d ago

Thought it was coming out in 2012?

wwm0nkey2796d ago

2011 in Japan and 2012 for NA (late 2011 and Early 2012)

Lavalamp2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

From Software is publishing it in Japan for a 2011 release while Namco Bandai is publishing it in Europe and North America for a 2012 release.

Edit: I've been ninja'd. wwm0nkey beat me to it.