WWE Allstars Finisher Videos - Bret Hart & Andre Released

JI writes: "THQ has saw fit to bless us with Bret Hart & Andre Finisher videos, in addition to the Hogan & Edge Finisher Videos and of course the Triple H & Kane Finisher Videos released today. The epic showdown between Allstars in the WWE universe is coming closer to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and supporting platforms as we feel the tension rise. Check out these sick new videos displaying the finishing power of these two athletes."

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Hitman07692798d ago

Bret Hart is a definite classic. The other dude is just ugly. (don't flame me plz wrestling fans lol I'm using amazing internet sarcasm).

SpaceSquirrel2798d ago

Bret Hart is one of my favorite wrestlers. Good to see him in good terms with WWE.

-Mezzo-2798d ago

Everyone in my family that Love WWE, loves Bret Hart. weird things isn't it.

waltyftm2798d ago

Hitman and Anvil are legends, Andre was a Monster, But the Warrior is a God.