WWE Allstars Finisher Videos - Triple H & Kane Released

JI writes: "A plethora of new finishing moves were showcased in brand new footage released by the team behind WWE Allstars today from THQ. Some of the wrestlers I watched throughout my adolescence that had their Finish revealed today include Triple H (HHH) and the infamous Kane! Check out what their moves will look like in the upcoming game dropping from THQ in the videos below!"

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Hitman07692890d ago

This is looking a lot better than I was expecting for a wrestling game.

SpaceSquirrel2890d ago

The game is looking surprisingly good.

waltyftm2890d ago

Nice, super pedigree and chokeslam ftw, Hope they let Jake the Snake bring Damien along for the ride.

jkjfgjkgjk2890d ago


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