Dead Island: 2008 vs. 2011 Graphical Comparison

Rely on Horror: "We first heard and read about the existence of Dead Island in 2007. We collected some 2008 and 2011 screenshots for a graphical comparison."

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shadowwizard2795d ago

Comparing CGI and Artworks? Jeez...

KingDustero2795d ago

I know some of the dumbest articles are passed sometimes.

It really shows whoever wrote the article has no clue what they're talking about.

M4I0N32795d ago

bloody hell, why did this even get approved?


Gaming Journalism of this generation.

Bounkass2795d ago

Agree shadowwizard. These are not gameplay images...

xTruthx2795d ago

Wow people still making more articles about this ?

byeGollum2795d ago

this game is already getting hyped so much lol ..
best of luck

hamburger1232795d ago

Already most overrated trailer 2011?

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