Master Chief rings NASDAQ market closing bell in Wall Street

NASDAQ actually let a guy dressed up as Master Chief ring the closing bell for the stock market to celebrate the Halo 3 release on Tuesday, September 25. Below are photos of the event posted in Major Nelson's Flickr album.

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skynidas4042d ago

this has gone too far okay halo is out we dont care!

GameOn4041d ago

I never realised how lnky the chief was.

BIadestarX4041d ago

While Sony fanboys are suffering every single second after the Halo 3 release. No one can deny the impact that this franchise has and the influence that microsoft has in the US and the finantial district.
Don't expect snake or some metrosexual looking character from Final Fantasy Opening/closing the bell in Wall Street. This goes on proving why Microsoft is so devoted to the Xbox brand... how many companies get to put a guy in a custom from a video game at the heart of many many contries economy.... and it's not even helloween!

Proxy4041d ago

I own a PS3, but no XBox.

Even so, I have to say this is preaty cool. This is rightfully filed under industry news, because it's the first time a video game has achived such fame. Like Halo or not, it will go far to help bridge the gap between the "normal" crowd who are prejudice against gaming, and the gamers themselves.

Nuclearwinter4041d ago

so devoted they stop supporting the original as soon as the 360 is released?

Athlon4041d ago

The only reason it's getting this much publicity is because it's associated with Microsoft. When was the last time you heard this kind of hype for a Mario game?

ktchong4041d ago

Maybe because Mario is a Japanese import...

while Master Chief is a homemade cultural icon in America.

Rooftrellen4041d ago

Master Chief? Come on, Round Peg, in no way is Master Chief a cultural icon.

Since we're talking about characters, I won't mention real people or items/ideas, though Elvis is obviously a cultural icon.

Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe...those are cultural icons.

Master Chief is far from any of them, and even farther from (I lied, real people and items/ideas comming now) football, baseball, Marilyn Monroe, jazz, or Broadway.

It's boarderline offensive to American culture to compare Master Chief to any of them right now. Maybe if he stays popular for 30 years or so we can talk. It's like comparing Pikmin to samuri for Japanese cultural icons in that there is no way Pikmin fits with it at all.

Bolts4041d ago

You dont' have to be Mickey Mouse to be a cultural icon. Hell Jenna Jameson can be considered as cultural icon and she also rang the closing bell at Wallstreet.

SmokeyMcBear4041d ago

why all the hype and advertising... halo3 would have sold this many units without all of the hoopla, M$ should have saved the money from advertising to put into other games, it just reeks of desperation. Halo3.. M$ just blew its wad, theres nothing left in the tank

deadpreacher4041d ago

You still got a lot to learn!

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The story is too old to be commented.