Sony Ericsson breaks out white Xperia Play, makes it an O2 exclusive in the UK

Engadget writes:
We'll confess, we did see Sony Ericsson execs flashing white Xperia Play handsets during the company's MWC 2011 press event, but curiously enough none of those made their way to the demo areas. Now we've finally got ourselves some fully fleshed out press shots, along with the news that O2 will be the sole carrier for this alabaster gaming smartphone in the UK. Other markets have yet to announce availability of the white Xperia Play, but you'll know more just as soon as we do. Skip past the break to see how the front end looks.

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diehardgamer10002824d ago

wow it really does put haters to shame.lets GO sony!!

siyrobbo2823d ago

who would want this when the NGP is out soon which can play the same games and also awesome NGP games? In fact i bet the NGP works out cheaper

silvacrest2823d ago

what don't you get about this being able to make phone calls while the NGP cant?

what you said is the same as "why buy a iphone when you can get a DS lite"

I'll give you a simple scenario, i have a phone contract that is ending very soon, i am eligible for an upgrade, why wouldn't i pick this up if i like games?

people like you need to understand that the ngp and play aren't the same device and dont fulfil the same roles

Quagmire2824d ago

I hope the 400USD price point is correct, that'd be cheap for its functionality, and I would def buy one close to release.

Neko_Mega2824d ago

My only problem is that if it is only through AT&T.....Well I'm going to miss out on a very nice looking phone.

Sarcasm2824d ago

I'm confused, why does a color change put haters to shame? Its the same device...?

Neko_Mega2824d ago

I don't think it does, but you can't say it isn't really pretty looking (well in less you don't find the color pretty).

Baka-akaB2824d ago

what's a shame is that some can't even use vinyl and other dyes properly instead of paying for an exclusive color

Neko_Mega2824d ago

You can, if you willing to pay the cost for it.

Heck I found a site that will color your tv's (Not the screen or picture but the body of it).

Baka-akaB2823d ago

Vinyl is quite easy , as it "permeate" the plastic after a while , even avoiding the ugly looking drips of paint .

With the proper paint and some sanding paper you can even get glossy and mirror effects .

kharma452823d ago

It's just a sensationalised headline, heck it's not even the same headline as is on Engadget.

Spinal2823d ago

Looks great in white. Although I will only be buying the black version. I know how White looks when it gets some wear an tear and it really shows when its dirty.

I prefer black for all my devices.

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