Black Ops Zombies on Ascension Mystery Man Myth Buster Mini-Series

NextGenTactics: We take a look at the Black Ops Zombies Ascension Mystery Man Easter Egg and attempt to prove or disprove several ongoing theories about the continuation of the Easter Egg beyond the releasing of the Mystery Man. We also stumble upon a mystery of our own!

Videos are embedded below (4 Parts)

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chilled2m2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

With regard to the last video:

(Zombie Spoiler Ahead)

I'm willing to bet that this was a glitch If they did everything exactly like they did the first few times. The length of the Deathmachine correlates to a normal death machine, therefore it seems like the game thought everyone picked up a "deathmachine" icon.

As much as I'd like to believe there's more. Treyarch did conclude the easter egg by releasing the man from imprisonment. (After all,that was the point of doing all these steps anyhow.)
The fact that the "reward" that you get for completing all these is kinda lame is beside the point