Valve Humors Us When Asked About Half-Life 2: Episode 3

In the process of organizing a time for a phone interview regarding Portal 2, Chet Faliszek had something interesting to say to when asked about Half-Life 2: Episode 3. The conversation that was held went something like this:

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Dramscus2821d ago

Everyone knows it's coming eventually, and that it'll again be a video game that hits award winning levels of amazing.

Valves is just content to troll the gaming community with no news of it except teasers.

Hopefully when they announce it's like six months from done or something.

kancerkid2821d ago

I have given up on ever seeing HL2:E3. What the fuck man? I played HL2 on the ORIGINAL Xbox! Christ.

Fred-G-Sanford2821d ago

I've grown tired of the way that Valve is handling the Half-Life series.

Fans have watched them pump out games like L4D and L4D2 while not a word will be said about anything Half-Life related.

After the amount of time we have waited for more Half-Life, the next game better completely blow minds, or else Valve will end up looking very bad in the end.

guigsy2821d ago

I thought the idea of these episodes was so that we wouldn't have to wait another 6 years for a full Half-life game. It's already been 5 years since Episode 1!

Dramscus2819d ago

I half expect them to release it as halflife 3 episode 3.
You know like make a pun of the three and have it be both. An epic end to the story their crafting.

That said it better be like 30+ hours.

ATiElite2821d ago

Well save some of that HL2 ep3 Rage because Valve will release Defense of The Ancients 2 before they release HL2 ep3.

HL2 ep3 looks to be a 2012 release if we can get the developers to stop playing Team Fortress 2.

chak_2821d ago

come onnnnnnnnn (fry) !

v0rt3x2821d ago

hahaha - and this is why Valve is simply just cool :) thumbs up!

GothicFighter2821d ago

Oh god, youtube now moves to n4g?
Thumbs up if you think so!

ChickeyCantor2821d ago

Thumbs up if you think im an attention whore!

GrumpyVeteran2821d ago

Fairly simplistic.

The retarded journo said the source came from

It was

hassi942820d ago

Oh okay sorry I basically skipped that bit and just read the conversation.

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The story is too old to be commented.