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There is still much more to discover with Motorstorm Apocalypse. The promise of a more fleshed out career mode, where you play out a “48-hour” story mode from the perspective of three different racers, should satisfy those who feel that simply racing over and over again gets boring too quickly. As well, the addition of even more vehicles including my early favorite, Muscle Cars, will appease racing fans who crave variety. This third entry of the series on PS3 is certainly shaping up to be a definite must-own title come this spring and luckily, it’s only a few months away.

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ComboBreaker2824d ago

"When playing with the 3D effects turned on, the massive explosions and debris getting in your way feels like they are actually happening. There is a section where you are literally racing through clouds of smoke and the 3D in those areas gave that extra feeling of immersion that you don’t get while racing in standard 2D."