Tecmo Koei Details Dynasty Warriors 7 Promo Plans

Andriasang: Televisions, celebrities, download content, and gum for upcoming PS3 release.

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Andreas-Sword2850d ago

yeah the DW4, DW5 and Dynasty Warriors 6 costumes will be for free :) :D

And the new DW music is epic awesome and nice :)
You can listen the new music here:
and here:


zaz122849d ago

wait!!!! is it a ps3 exclusive?????

Dart892849d ago

I'm afraid only in japan everywhere else it's multiplat.

MasterChief36242849d ago

They're still going on with this series?


I'm all for sticking to a successful series, but Dynasty Warriors if the Mario Party equivalent to the hack and slash genre. Way too many games, and none of them do anything different. Doesn't sound like this one will be different at all from the last 6, and that doesn't even count the ridiculous Gundam and whatever other spinoffs they had.

I guess this is neat for fans of the series, but really... who likes this series anymore?

AhmadCentral2848d ago

As a fan of the game, i can honestly say that i hated 6. It was the game that made me feel like that^ about Dynasty Warriors.

I must say though that Dynasty Warriors 7 looks far much better than 6. They've basically got rid of everything that was bad in DW6 and made it better than DW5. Its a win for the hardcore fans like me and a win for casuals who will play this. Trust me, it looks like a huge jump from DW6 and i can tell this is going to be the best Dynasty Warriors yet. Check it out.