Rune Factory Oceans: A Trip Around Finis Island

Andriasang: Rune Factory Oceans sees release on Thursday. We've met the characters and know the premise. Now let's take a look around the game's main setting, Finis Island.

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Burning_Finger2797d ago

Can't wait.. PS3 Version here I come!!! :)

RyuCloudStrife2797d ago

I was obsessed with Rune Factory 2 for the DS. I cannot wait for this to come out on the PS3, anyone know the release date?

Chris3992797d ago

There's an extended trailer you can grab off the JPSN btw. Worth checking out.

Cloudberry2797d ago

Summer release for the English version?

CaptainPunch2797d ago

If this plays anything like Harvest Moon, then I'm buying it.

Seferoth752797d ago

It plays a lot like it only with added trade skills and dungeons.

CaptainPunch2797d ago

Sounds great, btw who's the idiot that disagreed.

Kevin McCallister2797d ago

This is actually coming to PS3? Awesome. I love the Rune Factory games on DS and have been waiting forever for Rune Factory/Harvest Moon on an HD console.

Relientk772797d ago

I want this to come to the U.S. I's love to have this game