MvC3: Hackers Unlock Jill Valentine On PS3

A Shoryuken community member Krisan Thyme had earlier rumored about being able to play Jill on MvC3.

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Godmars2902850d ago

This is what hackers should be doing: unlocking stuff that's on a disc that could be offer as paid DLC.

nevermore2850d ago

yes but according to him Jill is still unfinished, hence we'll still have to pay for the complete version.

FACTUAL evidence2849d ago

i wish these hackers can unlock the other 20 people probably on disc..

Ace_19752849d ago

Hacker are a waste of space, get a real job , be a man and stop being a drain on society you pathetic cretins

teamr2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

and you know he doesn't have a real job, HOW? He seems to have the skills to pay the bills. People can do these things in their free time, you know.

you, on the other do we know YOU have a job? Or are you just a drain on society? Trolling news stories to insult people who don't even know you exist. Seems to me that your the one living the pathetic existance

Greek God2849d ago Show
snaz272849d ago

Really? Well on this one i'm with the hackers! fuck i hate capcon. . . To me they are far more criminal selling something that is already on the disc! Especially stuff like costumes! I remember back in the day when you would unlock stuff like that for beating the game! Capcon are one of the biggest crooks this gen! Hope they get pirated and hacked out of business!

kasasensei2849d ago

Capcom screws us with unfinished games and some of you blame hackerz? What kind of idiots are you?
So many games with content already on disc they want us to pay these days it makes me sick.

KingPin2849d ago

well thank you hackers for ruining that surprise for me!!

P.S hackers - the whole "underground" community is still waiting for those homebrew firmware updates. you know the ones im talking about, the one that has MKV support. the one with "ENHANCED" features that sony dont wanna give them. oh and not forgetting the emulators. hows that coming along?

so much time you guys have and all i read about is hacking psn, which is free. hacking to obtain info from psn users. hacking save games to give you an upper hand in multiplayer coz you guys are a bunch of noobz and hate getting owned! way to go smart asses!! just be honest to the world, hacking the ps3 was never about features. it was about stealing and ruining things for legit customers who rightfully support sony! please, do us all a favor,
F|_|(K OFF!!

MiloGarret2849d ago

Uhh, what are you talking about? There's a ton of homebrew and emulators out already.

Baka-akaB2849d ago

still they are easily outnumbered and over-shadowed by stuff tied to making psn and games work .

There arent yet many useful homebrew as always promised .

MiloGarret2849d ago

I guess that's true, but saying there are no useful apps not associated with pirating games out is incorrect.

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The story is too old to be commented.