Havok creators praise Heavenly Sword

"Heavenly Sword is a fantastic game on a number of fronts. An emotionally rendering storyline, a beautiful heroine, a wide range of villains, epic scale destruction, in a beautiful environment, with the realism of Hollywood visuals offers the player an incredible gaming experience, especially on PlayStation 3," said Havok CEO, David O'Meara.

"This game is a great example of how a talented development team can use cutting edge physics and animation technology to bring games to a whole new level and leverage the power of Havok's PlayStation 3 optimizations. We are very proud to be involved in the latest evolution of this next generation console game."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4093d ago

I hope Kai is the main character now. Or else it could be kinda cheap.

lonestarmt4093d ago

well how can I say what I feel without ruining the whole game. They better be real careful who they use, but i would love to see kai use the heavenly sword, but I would be dissappointed if we didn't see noriko, even if its just for a scene. Both characters grew on me a lot. It would be cool to see bohan again too.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

I'm sure she'll be in it.

Baba19064093d ago

i think nariko will be back. she has to be back. she is soo coool. i love the part where she makes fun of Whiptale. pls bring her back.

nasim4093d ago

HS is pounding almost all charts of EU and understandably so .

HS is just too amazing a game.

I predict 200 000 copies of HS for JAPAN (atleast )

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lonestarmt4093d ago

heck yes!! thats how I feel!

PSTAVY4093d ago

That game's story was so good id be happy to see a second one

Peekay4093d ago

this game is so under rated its not funny

crazy250004093d ago

this is an awesome game......some ratings are so low that it looses credibility

lonestarmt4093d ago

argeed the only beef you can have is you wish it was longer and the puzzles be a little smarter, but its still great, neh awesome game. Everyone should try this game out. A game so unique deserves better scores and its only adding extra flame xbots to say the games is overrated even though they never played it or understand it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

I do think Nariko and Kai are lesbians.

EDIT: It was a joke man, chill out. I own and like Heavenly Sword.

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The story is too old to be commented.