Good Boys Don't Play Games

Adam writes: "This morning I read an article from the Wall Street Journal by author Kay Hymowitz entitled “Where Have The Good Men Gone?” Usually, I enjoy a rant against my gender, but reading what Hymowitz wrote made me unbelievably furious. The piece, linked below, is simply an assault on gamers and “nerds,” one that trivializes our medium and uses it to generalize men in a way that is unfair. It ignores an entire generation’s ideals as a whole while trying to revitalize that the antiquated concept of the nuclear family is the only respectable path to follow for adults."

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kazlaga2798d ago

I never ever commented on an article before. I find them very amusing often though no need to spill my reason. But this article really brought something out of me. You have a very strong way of reasoning and formulating your thoughts. U also brought very strong arguments upon Kay's prejudice and non realistic article.
What spoke to me the most was ur piece on love. It is very common that women have strong desires for the man to provide, commit and have responsibility, while it should be about love and accepting eachother. Im happy a lot of women dó accept their man as he is (unlike Kay). I had a girl that didnt mind me playing games and whenever my friends came over she would make us some snack and was a part of the party. When my friends left, she and i would have quality time.

Im also never a member of a website or forum. Ill join this one. I feel depth in the articles and comments.

MaroonersRock2798d ago

Thank you so much, kazlaga. I'll be sure to pass your comment along to Adam as I'm sure he'd love to read it.