Net Neutrality: Support it or World of Warcraft gets it

Bitmob writes: "A new study has linked a drop in NBC's prime time ratings to the increased use of World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, Comcast now owns NBC. According to a leaked memo, their first action will be to sever their customers' connections to the WOW servers between 8 and 10 p.m.

That scenario, thankfully, isn't real. It is a hyperbolic nightmare that is technically possible. It could also be completely legal if the open net rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission in December are not upheld."

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acronkyoung2800d ago

Excellent summation of the issue.

JeffGrubb2800d ago

I would never report you for retardation.

crazytown992800d ago

What if those people's time would be better spent watching 30 Rock? First they came for Alec Baldwin and I said nothing, because I wasn't Alec Baldwin.

Seriously, though, this is important. Great write-up.

koh2800d ago

Then they came for Michael Scott and there was no one left to tell me "that's what she said"

Bboy_Izilla2800d ago

Downloadible app that allows you to watch network television whilst playing WoW. Now you never need to log out!

Seferoth752799d ago

I can do that now. Its called turn on the TV

Bboy_Izilla2799d ago

I didn't know you could picture-in-picture gaming while watching the Lingerie Football bad.

palaeomerus2800d ago

If my internet company gives me a slow internet connection and charges me for a fast one then I will drop them. If that's what they want to do then fine. Let them wake up in the dark place AOL did when they THOUGHT they had everyone by the balls conditioned to pay an hourly connect fee. I'll probably drop cable too to afford more expensive internet from someone else who won't sabotage my data rate because they like money instead of stupid made up plots to boost NBC ratings. Or have we already made up an imaginary monopoly situation for the internet providers to go with this silly scenario?

I don't want the FCC regulating the internet, satellite networks, cell phones, or cable. They were created to regulate use of radio and television broadcast frequencies. That's what they should do.

koh2800d ago

Well technically the FCC was created to regulate communications (the second C), which covers a pretty broad area, which they have used to the full extent available before (AT&T). But I get your point and agree with it mostly.

fear882800d ago

Net Neutrality does not regulate internet. It does not prevent us from viewing the websites we choose to. It regulates the internet service providers unreasonable limitations of internet traffic. Effectively limiting the ISPs market will over what I as a consumer choose to use my internet connection for.

Which means it removes the pay-per censorship that my ISP puts on my access thus providing me an entirely uncensored experience online.

dantesparda2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I swear people are so fucking stupid its not even funny. But put simply net neutrality means that the net stay exactly the way it is. No net neutrality means that these greedy corporations (Comcast & Verizon for exmaple) get their way. And you can already see examples of their greed all over the place. Just look at how they all wanna put bandwith caps on us at a time when all the content on the internet is getting bigger, then there's cell phones, where you pay way more for internet access but get slower speeds than you do in comparison to wired. Comcast also wants websites like Youtube to pay them because Comcast says they (Google/Youtube) use to much bandwith. Comcast also seems to want to fuck with Netflix, because they feel that they are starting to lose to many cable customer to online sites like Netflix.

So think about it people, leave the internet free and the way it is (equals "Net Neutrality") or let these ISP companies have their greedy little ways.

Gungnir2800d ago

They've already proven that Comcast has interfered with and/or blocked peer-to-peer traffic. I'd rather that they didn't have the opportunity to decide to block something else. Net neutrality is a good thing.

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