Major Nelson: ‘You’ll be Really Happy’ with Announcements Coming this Week

Microsoft will be holding a press conference pre-GDC to unveil some new titles and make announcements. Details on the conference have been vague, but Major Nelson has shed new light on the event and stated that we should be really happy with the outcome.

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aviator1892796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

But, pleeease don't flood GDC with Kinect titles.

BX812796d ago

Yeah I think they need a mixture of both Kinect and regular titles. Or at least that's what I would like to see.


a new perfect dark would give me something to play alongside geow3

crxss2796d ago

i'm pretty content with reach but if it's a halo announcement i'll be pretty stoked.

lociefer2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

dlc alternate skins for skittles

2796d ago
gamingdroid2796d ago

I'm all excited now, which means it will make it all the much easier to disappoint.

Then again, I really don't need more games. I already have a fat backlog, still playing Ninja Gaiden 2 and got Bulletstorm coming release day!

What I really need is an announcement on how I can get more time to play games!!!

kancerkid2796d ago

I would be content with the announcement of just one new IP, or info on Kingdoms.

If it is timed-exclusive bullshot, I will just go back to playing BFBC2 and waiting for Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

Tinasumsum2796d ago

Microsoft is the publisher of Kingdoms.

DigitalRaptor2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

That doesn't mean it won't be coming to PC.

It's one part of the equation that people always seem to forget!

JD_Shadow2796d ago

As long as they're exclusive titles, I'll be happy. They've been good about coming up with new games (even though they've been from tired franchises) instead of buying out other system's exclusives, but I don't want them to believe we've forgotten about their spree in 2008 and how it got tiring to hear those kinds of announcements instead of new games.

R2D22796d ago

@Darkpower - What diffrents does it makes if it exclusive or not? Why should 360 gamers only get to play a certain game or PS3 only owners get to play a certain game.

I thought the idea behind gaming was to have fun and burn time. When did games start being only awesome when they are for one platform?

MicroSony4Life2796d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that MS will annouse a hand held gaming devise to rival THE 3DS and PSP2.

MS has had allot time to do research on the hand held industry and they have Live, which if integraded correctly will be awesome.

inveni02796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

My gut reaction is to cringe at another Halo title, but when I think about it logically, it wouldn't be so bad. I think Halo gets a bad rep for being "milked", but there have been an equal number of Ratchet and Clank--and similar--games this gen. So I suppose Halo isn't completely burned up. They've probably got another couple of games in 'em.

gamingdroid2795d ago

Milked is only when the series goes down hill, but every Halo release (including Halo Wars) has been solid games!

Sell buy the boatloads and played to oblivion. Why stop giving people what they want?

duplissi2795d ago


lol dont kid yourself halo 3 was halo 2 with a newer coat of paint and odst was an insult...

reach on the other hand was fantastic.

Tinasumsum2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Microsoft is the publisher. It's exclusive to the 360 on consoles. If it comes out on PC it will be exclusive to their Games for Windows platform. You sound hurt LMAO

NukaCola2795d ago

Core game MS. If I get an update that AvatarKinect is getting Windows 7 support or some gay crap like that, I am going to flip out.

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Pixel_Enemy2796d ago

If it has to do with Kinect and or Halo, count me out

gamer20102796d ago

You should have just said "if it doesn't have to do with Sony then count me out because I am a huge fanboy". That would have been closer to the truth.

karl2796d ago

if it doesnt have anything to do with MS leaving this industry count me out!>....

why? because im a gaming fanboy =D

Pixel_Enemy2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Not really. I am interested in an Alan Wake 2. Same with any Gears 3 news. I do prefer my PS3 to my 360 but that doesn't mean I am a fanboy

Add me - Gamertag D4RkNIKON

I am on right now (Because Killzone 3 isn't out yet)

ScentlessApprentice72796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Right. So generally speaking, if you're not an absolute Kinect or Halo fanatic who concerns themselves with nothing but those two, then you must not be in favor of the Xbox 360 or Microsoft?

Thanks for affirming the ridiculous one-dimensional devotion of the common Xbox 360 fanboy.

gamer20102796d ago


No, not at all. It's just when you see the same person 99% of the time being negative about the 360 and positive about the PS3 it makes it obvious they are completely ruled by fanboyism. If you hate something that bad why even comment on it.

Legion2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

@Pixel Enemy

It appears that you have only played 4 games for your 360. CoD:Black OPS, Halo:Reach, Alan Wake and ilomilo. (Or at least played them long enough to get at least one achievment?) You didn't even play one level of the campaign in Reach? And didn't use a single health pack...? How is that possible if you are playing a game?

I take anything you say with a grain of salt. You might need to be more of a gamer before you lay down opinions for people to care about.

Just a thought... nothing personal, I am sure you consider yourself a non-fanboy. the proof just doesn't reflect in your style of play and verbiage in the forums.

kopicha2796d ago

add meh....

gamertag : Kopicha "I do play my Reach. looking for ppl to play campaigne co op or firefight :("

PSN = Kopitea

kreate2795d ago

its cuz we dont want to see kinect.
and halo is being over-flooded on the market.

halo 3
halo wars
halo odst
halo reach
halo rpg
halo kinect
halo adventure
halo ......

too many halos coming out every year.
so... count most of us out.

give us something new or... a new fable that is on 3 disk with better gameplay, story, choice system, and graphics. and make it 3x longer than fable 3.

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tobysims2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Need to be both 360 games and Kinect games there are plenty of casuals that can care less what you think about Kinect. Around 15 million people own Kinect by now it's a real demographic on the 360 and is out pacing the hardcore adoption rate.

It's nice to see Microsoft has been paying attention and knowing they have to provide for both types of gamers on their own terms. I'm glad they are making way for a casual fanbase for casuals and not just trying to get them to get the 360 for core games using Kinect as a tool.

vishant1012796d ago

totally agree man want more hard core games but have plenty on my plate this year microsoft should work on a heavy line up for their next gen console

rrw2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

i hope so. it's boring to leave ps3 have a easy year.

bring on the competition

Iroquois_Pliskin2795d ago

sorry for my ignorance, but whos Major Nelson?

Blacktric2795d ago

We need proof. Not some crappy words from the PR guy of Microsoft. Be happy if you see one good game amongst those announcements.

miyamoto2795d ago

I hope its a AAA game title not Kinectimals 2

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GSpartan7772796d ago

:O SHIT! It's on now. Microsoft ready to release the big guns? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

KaiokenKid2796d ago

Hes a PR ddue, what do you expect?

Elven62796d ago

I don't think he is in PR, he's role is "Director of Programming" at Xbox Live so probably something production related, perhaps even content related in terms of what's released on Live.

DeFFeR2796d ago

He's a PR dude - you don't blog and put out a podcast if you're just DoP.

Everything he does has PR in mind.

That said, I love Larry and his podcast.

SixZeroFour2796d ago

@kaiokenkid and deffer

i believe you guys are thinking about aaron greenberg as PR

DeFFeR2795d ago

@MrAnonymous -
I know who Aaron Greenberg is - and I know his title.

I was simply stating that Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) does serve as a sort of public liaison - inserting him into some sort of PR role - regardless of what his official title is.

Hozi892796d ago


lol, I hope your right about that. I don't wanna see a new trailer for GOW3 alone and bunch of kinect titles.

I would really like to see at least 2 new IPs.

GSpartan7772796d ago

:/ Same. I'm hoping they are not planning to give us a huge line-up of kinect games either, because quite frankly I'm not interested in that stuff. They have to focus on getting their hardcore fans back because this year's line-up is just looking pathetic at the moment.

suicidalblues2796d ago

Not only new ip's, but hopefully something that will be released soon. It's a long way to Gears3 and we need some exclusives to fill the gap!!!

duplissi2795d ago

lol yeah i know, the last new game to touch my 360 was reach... (which was awesome btw).. glad i have both systems so when when one slumps i still have lots of new stuff to play

Hozi892795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )


Agreed. Not everyone has kinect and a new exclusive has been long overdue imo.

I own both consoles as well, but I would love to see not only Sony but MS with a strong lineup of Exclusives. I mean, there needs to be good competition in order for games to get even better imo.

HelghastDrake2796d ago

Im a PS3 fanboy but i also own a 360 (gamertag RagingBull2584) but the 360 is dead to me. I only have 4 games left for it (Gears/Gears 2 Halo3/Halo reach) All my multiplats i buy on the PS3. I have roughly 30 games for my PS3.

I bought Kinect (you will see kinect titles on my achievements list) and i sold it 3 weeks later to a co worker at work, she has 3 little kids and bought it for them.

There are just too many quality PS3 exclusives and just overall excitement on the PS3 side as opposed to the 360 side.

What more can 360 announce? They have what, only 2 or 3 first party studios?!

Dusdg2796d ago

why did you come into this topic?

thrasherv32796d ago

He's a fanboy. You can find them all over N4G. You can't miss them...

DaCajun2796d ago Show
slavish32796d ago

just sell your 360 then. if u payed for one and love the ps3 it only makes u look like a idiot. why buy something u think is dead. straight dumb. if 360 was dead it wouldn;t have just out sold the others. play what u want no need to attack the others. u don't work for sony!

duplissi2795d ago

im pretty sure the wii and ps3 still outsold the xbox by a few million worldwide....

slavish32795d ago

if that was true ps3 wouldn't be in 3rd place

awesomeperson2795d ago


"if that was true ps3 wouldn't be in 3rd place "

The year earlier release helped.

duplissi2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

just for you, here are the numbers...

and just so you know 2008 is in fact the only year where the 360 outsold the ps3 world wide, and by 850ish thousand (dont remember exactly how much) but when the ps3 outsells the 360 it has been more than a mil every time. in fact the only reason the 360 is still ahead lifetime-wise is because its been out a year longer in N.A. and Japan and a year and a half longer in E.U.

slavish32795d ago

lol i don't care. The fact is 360 is in 2nd. ps3 and 360 are great consoles but facts are facts. I own both and both are great.

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Kalowest2796d ago

"I have roughly 30 games for my PS3"
You don't have alot of games.

duplissi2795d ago

you, sir must be a privileged individual...

because that is a decent amount of games.

Pillage052795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

just counted around 45 in my collection

edit: I don't really ever sell any games though...

Kalowest2795d ago

Same here, i stopped selling my games. I brought 5 360games this last week, and just got back 4 of my PS3 game from one of my friends.

Hozi892795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I tend to sell my games after I get bored of them. It saves me money and I pretty much can buy another game with the money I get from the trade ins.

I really only keep good games like MGS,Halo, Uncharted, Gears etc...

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gamer20102796d ago

If you think those are the only good 360 exclusives and you play all your multiplats on the PS3 then you are simply a fanboy and I don't know why you are even in this article.

I have both consoles and I agree that the PS3 has a better lineup of exclusives this year, but that isn't the end of the world because most of the games I want this year are multiplats anyway. Along with the PS3 exclusives and the 360 exclusives I want I literally have more games on my list than I can afford. Last year I thought the 360 had a better lineup, so I don't know how you can act like it is the end of the world once the 360 has a dry year.

SuicideShaun2796d ago

What was the point of this?

starchild2796d ago

If you like playing crappy versions of multiplats that's your own problem. It doesn't prove anything against the 360 though.

Heavy_Rain2796d ago

excuse me. Castlevania, Vanquish, FF13, Fifa and many more all say hi.They were better on the ps3 obviously along with a ton more exclusives.Stop acting like a fanboy. If you are deluded thats your problem. Nothing against the PS3 though.
@Helghast Drake - please why the hell do you have to keep posting anti 360 comments. You could have just said your are hoping for good 360 titles. instead you started on about how your 360 is dead.Please stop these kind of flaim bait comments.

Legion2796d ago

Yep if Helghast would just follow Heavy Rains ways then he might have more bubbles. ooopppsss... Heavy Rain... you have 1 bubble more then him. What is your point again? Or is this another, do as I say and not as I do moment?

But Starchild had a point in that the majority of multiplat games are noobed on the PS3 version versus the 360 version. But it appears that this is leveling out with some developers getting used to the quirks that Sony calls an OS on the PS3. (really... the operating system is a failure to write for)

But all this is a failure to what the article is about... that 360 is coming out with some news prior to what we expected.

DigitalRaptor2795d ago

Did you just say "the operating system is a failure to write for"?

Hahah. You write for the hardware, not the operating system. And clearly it's the developers that can't handle developing for that architechture, not Sony or the PS3.

gcolley2796d ago

are we supposed to care?

awiseman2795d ago

At least your honest about mentioning your ps3 fanboy religion...

@DaCajun: Xbots dont go into PS3 article because this whole site is full of ps3 articles, if I close my eyes and clicked an article, theres a 99% chance I would land in a ps3 fanboy article.

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