Lens of Truth - Chrono Trigger Retro Review (SNES)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for a special retro Review! This time we take a look at one of the most loved RPGs in the genre’s history – Squaresoft’s Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Chrono Trigger was one of the most famous, and rare games of its time. So Let’s put this classic under the lens and find out!

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Joe Bomb2824d ago

This is the best RPG ever made.

Baron792824d ago

Yes, on my list its top 4 for sure. FF6, FF7, FFX, and Chrono Trigger, in any order you'd like.

RudeSole Devil2824d ago

One of the best! They don't make then like they used too.

NukaCola2824d ago

Great score, but I still hate you LoT.

just_the_tip2824d ago

Wow that comment really shows your maturity level...dope.

Anyway this game is a true classic and if any series deserves another entry its the Chrono series.

Tempjf2824d ago

Yep the 12 years aren't tucked in bed because they have no school tomorrow!

NukaCola2824d ago

you can say anything to instill a reaction on Im 25 btw

Shogun Master2824d ago

Any score less then a 10 for this game is blasphemy.

RudeSole Devil2824d ago

I agree maybe just maybe a 9.5 but a 10 is the right call.

hackersdelight2824d ago

A 9.5? Did you even play the game Rudesole? What would you give Ocarina of Time? Another foolish comment by Rudesole.
More like Filet of Sole

Tempjf2824d ago

Na this definitely deserves a 10 no doubt about it!!

miyamoto2824d ago

FF XIII could have gotten this score....

come_stains2824d ago

No way FF XIII is so overrated!

2824d ago
miyamoto2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

... if only (I am not finished yet hombres. Look at the three dots!) only Square Enix did not butcher FF XIII up!

Because Chrono Trigger was done by the Super Mega Awesome Dream Team Squaresoft, Enix & Akira "God of Manga" Toriyama-san.

Anyway that was the old Real-Deal Squaresoft & Enix of glory days unlike Squeenix of today.

hackersdelight2824d ago

I couldn't agree more axelstone, now Squaresoft is just a shadow of their former selves.

Where is the new Secret of Mana, Evermore, E.V.O., and Chrono? They just keep milking the FF series until no one will care about it anymore.

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