StarCraft II Clash of the Titans: Jinro vs. IdrA tonight for $1500

Ironhammers writes: I’m very excited about what’s happening tonight, a showmatch for $1500 USD between Jinro and IdrA — likely the two most loved non-Korean players in the world. There’s good reason for calling this game the “Clash of the Titans”, and I have every confidence it’s going to live up to the name.

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eggbert2798d ago


Idra is more fun to watch though, because he rages so much.

toaster2797d ago

OHMYGAHHH I want Husky to commentate.

captain-obvious2797d ago

i like HD better but Husky is great too

plb2798d ago

I loved the campaign but man do I suck in the mp lol

Simco8762797d ago

The MP is tough, but when the other players have sooo much time invested in the game, its hard to compete against that

TheSadTruth2797d ago

Considering the game matches all skill levels very well, that's not a reason to not play. You will play equally bad players.

Except if you play random team.


Winner gets a free bottle of Face wash, some bottled fresh air and a complimentary job at mcdonalds.

Perjoss2797d ago

Some of these guys make pretty good cash from the tournaments so they dont really 'need' to work. You'd be quite surprised at how much physical training SOME pro gamers go through also, as your brain works better when you have good blood circulation going on in your whole body. I think it was fatality that used to jog quite a few miles before his actual gaming practice.

Zinc2797d ago

Mr. Predictable, derogatory and uninspired comments here ^^^


its sad if you take that seriously that you have to resort to insults, get a social life friend, you clearly dont understand the concept of banter.

killalot1002797d ago

Pro gaming is extremely boring to watch.

Pandamobile2797d ago

For you, maybe, but there's millions of people who watch Husky's Starcraft 2 commentaries.

GrilledCheeseBook2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Disappointing that Idra left Korea before at least participating in the current GSL now Jinro is the main white hope.