'Shocking' InFamous 2 Headlines

onPause writes:

By now you probably know that the InFamous 2 release date has been revealed along with the Hero Special Edition. On your way to find out about both, you probably came across some funky headlines referencing the powers of the game's hero Cole. We picked out a few of the best ones.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2798d ago

Never miss an opportunity for a good pun.

Legion2798d ago



this is what N4G is becoming... fodder. Infamouse 2 has so many good articles out there for it. Why are we looking at this (what is this?) that simply shows us 5 titles that use some kind of electrical pun.

Once again a header used to draw attention to something that is not news worthy in the least. Everyone clicking and thinking something news worthy is about to be announced.

Fail article (or what ever it is... can't even call it that)

Steve_02798d ago

... That was an 'electric' comment. :D

Legion2798d ago

It's just that these types of postings get me amped up.

Steve_02796d ago

No worries, I agree with you, actually. You saved me from reading the 'article' at any rate.

kingofps32798d ago

stop this crap and get this shit off n4g. also ban this particular site from spamming n4g too.