Why “Back to Karkand” DLC at launch is a bad idea for BF3

Battlefield 2 veterans could be prone to just dive into the old maps without giving the new, original BF3 maps much consideration.

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Trunkz Jr2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

We cares as long as were getting Karkand back why complain? Nobody wants to wait 6 months just to play the map, make BF3 a smash right at launch then make more good maps in months to come (or bring more oldies back)

DoomeDx2823d ago

Im probally the only one who didnt like that map lol

Yi-Long2823d ago

... so unless EA does the DLC for BF3 the same way as they did with BC2 (free with VIP-code), I will (very sadly) have to pass on this game and wait till they bring out a 'complete' edition.

Gawd I fucking hate this whole DLC-milking business.

evilsooty2823d ago

I hated it as well. The chokepoints just led to BC2 style stalemates with grenades flying everywhere. I'ld rather have Operation Road Rage or Harvest.

AzaziL2823d ago

All first run copies will be limited edition just like BFBC2 and will include the Karkand DLC. Those that buy the game later or second hand will have to buy the DLC or wait even longer for the complete edition like BFBC2. This is really only done to encourage people to buy the game new instead of used through gamestop.

Also have faith in Dice, the only times they charged for DLC was when they released full expansion packs like special forces, armored assault, vietnam, etc. If they make a map but aren't planning an x-pac soon, they usually hook up the community for free.

bumnut2823d ago

mashtuir city was my favourite, karkand was a grenade fest.

superrey192823d ago

the standard edition and limited edition cost the same thing so the extra maps are basically free. they'll probably be free for everyone else just like the bc2 maps were

lil Titan2823d ago

ive never played there so ill be new to me oh yeah look at the vid i dont want any campers thinking they'll use the same old spot to get people or if you know a better one post it

velaxun2823d ago

Man, I hated Karkand, I would love to see the Gulf of Oman come back though.

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ct032823d ago

Karkand is an awesome map. I want it in BF3.

JsonHenry2823d ago

If devs didn't make so much money selling DLC featuring nothing but NEW maps I would believe this article to be true. But obviously the people that vote with their wallets say they want new maps as well as redone older maps.

xYLeinen2823d ago

Karkand at launch as DLC is a very clever choice. For those who played BF2 this map will bring huge sentimental value and bring up many a good time.

I guess I see things a bit differently tho. I think with most games it's a good idea to bring maps from older iterations of the game into the new one. If I buy Killzone 3 for example I would love to just get all the kz3 MP maps during the first half year.

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