Rumor: Resident Evil 6 to be Timed Exclusive

A couple of weeks before Resident Evil 5 was showed off at E3 a few years back reports had emerged that the Capcom-developed game may have become a timed exclusive on the Xbox 360, after Microsoft reportedly offered them a lucrative deal. Well, now, it seems that Sony are willing to do the same, but this time for the game’s yet-to-be-announced successor Resident Evil 6 for the PlayStation 3.

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a_bro2800d ago

i call bs on this. why would capcom agree to this, knowing how greedy they are... on top of that their MT framework engine on PS3 stinks..

BK-2012800d ago

I don't see Sony paying for timed exclusivity if they have so many exclusives coming out.

Pixel_Enemy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Real exclusives > Timed exclusives.. When will MS learn this?

lol at disagree!

Dragun6192800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I agree, and Capcom doesn't seem like a publisher to do time exclusives especially for a franchise like RE.

If anything, it's more likely Sony would work with Capcom to make RE6 utilize Move like RE5 than time exclusivity for PS3.

blumatt2800d ago

Yeah, I hope it becomes more common for PS3 versions of games to receive free games on the same bluray since most of the time the space on the bluray is left empty. Might as well give us more content on the disc for free. It'd be cool if the next GTA game came with all the PS2 GTAs on the same bluray disc as the PS3 version of GT5. I'd kill for something like that.

MitchGE2800d ago

I wonder if we'll see the RE6 PS3 version include RE4 HD with trophies and Move support exclusively. It's already happened with Medal Of Honor and Dead Space 2 on PS3, and it makes a lot more sense than RE6 being timed-exclusive on PS3.

young juice2800d ago


read the preview article atleast

this one is about sony.

skrug2800d ago


Lost Planet was time exclusive

Commander_TK2800d ago

U guys really need to get your heads out of your asses. Timed-exclusivity helps a lot. Look at how GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas helped out the PS2.

sdtarm2800d ago

who still cares about RE?? Exactly thats how stpid this rumour is

badz1492800d ago

but they might pull another MoH and DS with exclusive extra game on the disc! that will be SUPER!

HolyOrangeCows2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Resident Evil has gone to crap anyway. And Capcom isn't getting any smarter. RE6 can be a GBA timed exclusive for all I care. I know Capcom is going to screw things up again.

"Lost Planet was time exclusive"
And Lost Planet 2 was NOT. Times have changed. Timed exclusivity is becoming more and more rare.

Besides, when the heck does Sony pay for TIMED exclusivity?

Anon19742800d ago

I just can't see this happening. RE5 sold something like 30% more on the PS3, not counting the Move addition. That's close to a million more units on the PS3, and a helluva lot of revenue for Capcom. Are we really supposed to believe that Capcom would risk alienating PS3 gamers by pulling a stunt like this? PS3 gamers love Resident Evil. Would they really risk this for MS dollars and the harm it would do to the RE franchise on the Playstation.

I don't think so, but crazier things have happened.

Hassassin2800d ago

@skrug Lost Planet sucked... (just saying)

CommonSense2800d ago

you have to read more than the title. you've got it backwards. the rumor is that it would be a timed exclusive for sony...not ms.

RedDead2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Sd term...Why wouldn't we care, Res 5 was ok, an alright game/ That doesn't mean the rest of the francise is shi*. Res 4 is one of my favourite game's period. And the ones that came before it are also great.

tehpees32800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Kaz Harai said they would consider paying for third party exclusives. I can't see it being true personally.

But if it was it would be a HUGE coup for Sony. By the time it reaches 360 only the fanboys and hardcore fans would care

gaffyh2800d ago

Hmm...which is more likely, Capcom giving a franchise that was born on PlayStation timed exclusivity to Xbox, even though it would alienate most of their userbase? Or that this no-name website is simply looking for hits?

No source, no quotes, nothing. 99% sure it is fake.

Eyeco2800d ago

Microsoft relies on timed exclusivity, because they know they can make just as much revenue of that as they can on an actual exclusive bottom line they honestly couldn't care less out exclusives,

and as for Sony doing the same i highly doubt seeing as RE5 sold better on the ps3 and its an established franchise so it would be pointless and a waste of money.

DaTruth2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

How do you figure? I don't see how you could make the same revenue from a game you simply have on your platform than a game you develop, publish and have on your platform; every bit of the profits are yours!

MS would have to share the pie with developers and publishers! That just doesn't add up! On top of that, you take a 50 million hit upfront, before the game is even started!

That's why Sony doesn't mind when multiplats look crappier than PS3 exclusives and they don't share technology with multiplat developers; Sony makes more money from their exclusives!

NiKK_4192799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

GTA3, vice city, and san andreas were timed exclusives on ps2?? since when? i mean yeah they eventually came out on 360, but that was a long time after, sony didn't pay rockstar for timed exclusive so maybe you should get YOUR head outta you ass

NiKK_4192798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

i meant original xbox, not 360. they were ported to original xbox a while later, it wasn't a paid timed exclusive like microsoft is doing now and paying developers to not release something for the ps3 when it is already developed and ready to be released

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malandra2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Sony knows better than this, with the money it would take to convice Capcom they could produce a new AAA exclusive or create a new studio

on the other hand, I would believe this if it were a full exclusive that would take advantage of the PS3's power to do things that can't be done on the 360

EDIT: what Dragun619 wrote makes more sense, if they include Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles on the blu ray with Move support that would make the PS3 version sell even more than if it were a timed exclusive

KaiokenKid2800d ago

Maybe thats why they might be doing it. to show that they have fixed MT framework on PS3 and that they respect the former realtionship they had with SONY with Resident Evil.

a_bro2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Disagreers, please explain to me why you are disagreeing.

its a fact that MT Framework looks like crap on PS3.

go look at the comparison pics yourselves. its been a major problem for capcom since they started releasing PS3 games that used this engine.

Legion2800d ago

Don't beg... it makes you look.... well.... like a beggar actually.

jneul2800d ago

maybe they will use another engine, ps the 360 version of re5 and ps3 version look alike, and then we have the superior edition with move support, i cant wait for re6, move actually helped me to get into re5, before that the ds3 controls was so awkward.
i hope what others say is true if dark chronicles is included i will be very happy, i loved dead space extraction on ps3, it looked so much better on ps3.

littletad2800d ago

Probably doing this to spark controversy or to "prove" that Resident Evil is still relevant. They'd go with either ps3 or 360 for that cause.

the_kutaragi_baka2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

and now here the fanboys of crapcom for defend them?

anyway ,crapcom haven't made anything good in the past 4 years for me (and for many others)

Dno2799d ago

Yea your right they only single handedly revived the WHOLE fighting game genere, sold 4 MILLION monster hunters in japan alone, also created the 3D action adventure genere on PS2 (devil may cry), sold about 5 million RE5's among other things.

axerated2800d ago

i dunno, the ps3 version of resi 5 looked frickin awesome from what i remember, what other games used that engine? i remember lost planet 2 looked like ass so dunno if that did...

bluwulf2799d ago

Voice of reason here...

The resident evil series (new) sucks. Who cares.

Only reason Sony would do this, is to just start delivering blows to Microsoft, considering they have no games. It would be strategic & a bit malicious. But If I were sony, and had the extra $ to do it, it would really make a dent in the 360's lineup. Something that Microsoft can't really do to Sony, they can't reduce the content offered realistically due to the abundance of exclusives.

I just don't see Capcom doing it? Seems that they would want the game on both platforms.. How much would make it make sense?..

doubtful rumor. Sony doesn't seem to be affected by Microsoft's actions in a tit for tat type way.

SwampCroc2799d ago

Why???? Resident Evil did start with Sony.... it makes sense to stay with your roots.

Blaze9292799d ago

impossible....Sony said they don't pay for exclusives ;)

automatically debunked. moving on

kreate2799d ago

i agree. but u never know.

a company can say something at one period of time. but change their mind the following year.

adapt and overcome... is what im always told.

eliasg2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

We need it to be a real exclusive not just an other meaningless time exclusivity. Why not giving them more money Microsoft??

kreate2799d ago

oh i heard microsoft spend half a billion dollar on kinect advertisements.

even if microsoft is the richest corporation on the planet... spending half a billion is too much. now they cant afford to combat sony in the hardcore gaming arena.

im just jk ing man. who the hell knows.

eliasg2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

indeed Kreate , i am a hardcore XBOX fan, but i cant deny the obvious, that Microsoft has slowly abandoned the hardcore market that make them a player in the industry...

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Philoctetes2800d ago

Capcom doesn't seem like the kind of company that would shut out half of its possible user base, but it's also the kind of company that listens to money, so who knows.

Regardless, RE6 needs to be a huge upgrade over RE5 or I'm not buying it, timed exclusive or not.

Lou-Cipher2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I dont doubt that Capcom would do a timed exclusive for some cash, but I really doubt Sony would spend money on a timed exclusive.

Has Sony ever paid for Timed Exclusivity? If Sony paid for Resident Evil 6 to be exclusive it will probably be permanantly exclusive, not timed.

Microsoft is the company that is willing to waste it's money on Timed Exlusivity.

skrug2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Lost Planet was time exclusive

jay22800d ago

Hope so. But then if it's really 'timed', once again that's about a possible 35GB gone :(

Primal Rex2800d ago

Im sick of this timed exclusive crap just release it on the same dam day on all formats and every ones happy !!!

MrBubble2800d ago

Ya timed dlc

Why dont they work on putting horror in the next game