IGN: Why Dragon Age Was More Memorable Than Mass Effect 2

Toby McCasker: Oh yeah, you're bristling right now, indignantly clutching that 6.75-inch Commander Shepard action figure and preparing to unleash interstellar hell on that comments section, but the simple fact is that no matter how many times I admire the unlikely physics of Jack's belt-bra, my memories of immorally wresting Ferelden from the clutches of the darkspawn are that much fonder.

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Kran2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Honestly, i found Jacks body so revolting with tattoos that I changed her dress. Then when she became unloyal to me, she had the same clothes on permantly. Thats better ;)

Girls with tattoos ALLLLLL over them just doesnt interest me.

Legion2798d ago

Jack was HOT. To each their own.

I can't even remember any of the names of the characters in Dragon Age. I just remember there was a hot witch and some short dwarf guy, a gay elf and another gay guy that kept hitting on me. Memorable in all the wrong ways maybe?

Kran2798d ago

Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran..... thats all I can remember at the top of my head.

The others in the MAIN game:

Oghren, Leliana, Shale (DLC), Sten and Wynne.

Legion2798d ago

Ok... so Alistair was the gay guy that kept trying to flirt with my character? Morrigan was the some what sexy witch. But I am not familiar with the Zevran name, must not have made much of an impression on me. I do know my dog was named Lockjaw... but that is because I named him myself.

hassi942798d ago

I think Zevran is the 'gay elf' you were referring to.

And yeah Alistair isn't gay I don't think but was pretty camp :P

JoySticksFTW2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Allister was funny, and Morrigan was a beotch. Both great characters that came to life and was almost always in my party.

That dwarf was cool too.

I played a rogue / assassin so I really didn't use the rogue / bard much, but she looked cool too.

But those characters don't stack up to the greatness of ME2's cast imo. Especially a character like Garrus who spans both games. The other characters had flavor as well. It wasn't a chore for me to do their character missions.

By the end of DA, I was kind of burnt out and just wanted to finish the game already. Great game though.

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hassi942798d ago

I agree that Jack wasn't hot at all btw. Just weird and quite off putting tbh...

JsonHenry2798d ago

I can't stand a chick with tons of tattoos either. To each his own though.

Theyellowflash302798d ago

I played both games and I think Mass Effect 2 is much more memorable. The graphics, story related cut-scenes, and characters are more interesting to me. The loyalty missions were great and really immersed me into the story. Settling thinks with Jacob's dad, helping Miranda's sister relocate, taking down Garrus's ex-teammate who betrayed him on Omega all felt great and had a direct impact if they survive the final mission or not. I guess since I don't like Lord of the rings or that type of setting Dragon Age isn't as appealing to me. But Im getting Dragon Age 2

pain777pas2797d ago

Not to mention I still have yet to beat Dragon age and I am on my second playthrough of ME2.

Xof2798d ago


Dragon Age was a hopelessly generic game. It's easily the most forgettable RPG I've seen in a very, very long time.

EditorAtGNG2798d ago

Both games are very different in many respects. In my own opinion Dragon Age was better than Mass Effect 2 because of:
1. Strategy
2. Setting
3. Characters
4. Different Endings (seriously, the Ultimate Sacrifice ending is the best I've seen in a long time... especially if you had a romance with Leliana... freaking amazing).

Mass Effect 2 on the other hand had:

1. Combat
2. Characters
3. Dialog
4. Variety (more classes, more options to tune your character)
5. Better looking

In common: both games had great storylines, awesome pacing, incredible soundtracks, believable worlds and places and incredible repetition value.

edhe2798d ago

Indeed, why choose one when both are awesome.

Ace_19752798d ago

IGN will do anything for hits. Sad what they have become. I hate *insert game here* it's the game journalism for retards. Eurogamer done it yesterday with Red Dead Redemption

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