How to be a better fanboy

GamesRadar writes:

"Fanboys. They're the purest, noblest breed of gamers in existence. The front line grunts in the never ending console war, their purpose is simple: blind, drone-like obedience to their chosen format, and an unwillingness to acknowledge that the other system may be worthwhile. Gaming simply wouldn't be the same without them - whether they're pointing out that "PS3 ROCKS!11!" on a messageboard or calling you despicable names on Xbox Live, they're the spice in gaming's chunky broth.

Perhaps you've thought of becoming a fanboy - but it's not as easy as all that, is it? With skirmishes between the consoles heating up on the road to Christmas, it's no longer enough to simply mumble about Xboxes getting a bit hot or PS3s being too expensive - you need to back your ranting up with cool, unassailable logic.

Do you know which console's the preferred choice of West Coast Rap? Or how many teraflops the PS3's contributing to the fight against Parkinson's disease? Which console does John "Doom" Carmack prefer? Well, that's where GamesRadar comes in."

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FFVIIFan4137d ago

Fanboys are like religious extremists. To them their console is the only way to go and everything else is just plain evil.

crazy250004137d ago

its not correct to say that about a ps3 fanboy but i admit there are flaws with sony at the moment.....lack of games, exclusives...etc, but by next year everything will change with the new games coming out

mountaindewtab4137d ago

There needs to be a fanboy quiz to determine like your level of fanboyism. I don't think I'm a fanboy but I do find myself supporting sony despite the odds.

Nth RooCH4137d ago

Fanboys are a f***ing plague. Worse still, apparently on this site you're not even allowed to discuss them! I made a thread in the forums and it was locked despite it not favouring either side. It was literally a thread disbarraging fanboyism in general, but noooope. Locked. Fanboys, there to f*** up every part of the internet.

razer4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Nintendo fanboys are the freakin worst of them all..

It's like a slap fight with a couple of girls when they start going at it.

EDIT: I guess they did talk about Wii fanboys a bit, just not in the opening of the article.. "Nintendo fans are nicer".. Nicer?? I don't see you winning many fanboy arguments with that one.

Basch4137d ago

I agree. The state of their official forums tells the story well enough.
I'm personally a drifter between Sony and Nintendo because their directions are so different. I have a Wii (which I use mostly for Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime – yeah, I might as well have bought a Gamecube XD ) and a PS2 (which I use for Final Fantasy XII and IX). I see strengths and weaknesses in both companies' choices of next-gen console – for example, the Wii innovates but its expanding audience means a lot of its current games are paper-thin with regards to depth (the lack of graphical oomph is also an issue, but it makes it that much more satisfying when someone does something stunning with the weedy hardware); the PS3 is graphically splendid, but I dislike the quality of a lot of the games gameplay wise (the amount of first-person shooters that fail to do anything new is disappointingly high, although there are a few gems). However, I am certainly going to buy the latter for Final Fantasy XIII and Little Big Planet.

You'll doubtless have noticed my lack of Xbox 360 support, as it were: see the PS3 observation regarding the FPS concentration, and add to that the feeling of alienation amongst an angular, sexist college-guy demographic.

Rooftrellen4137d ago

"I guess they did talk about Wii fanboys a bit, just not in the opening of the article.. "Nintendo fans are nicer".. Nicer?? I don't see you winning many fanboy arguments with that one."

Winning a fanboy argument is like winning a war for pride. Sure, you might win, but you don't gain anything from it.

It would be nice if all fanboys were nicer and would actually discuss things. I rarely see a 360 or PS3 fanboy actually discuss things, just say "we own you now" or "wait until next year." Most Wii fanboys give examples and discuss why the Wii is good, not just say its better and act like you're an idiot if you disagree.

Proxy4137d ago

"PS3s can kill 360s
1UP editor John Davidson reports leaving his two children playing with the rival consoles encased in the same entertainment centre – separately the heat they give off's impressive, but together they created furnace-like atmosphere in which only Sony's shiny wonderbeast survived."

LOL! My fav.

[email protected], saves people, kills 360's. :D

ukilnme4137d ago

Looks like there is no way for you to be a better Sony fanboy.

dantesparda4136d ago

and you a better 360 fanboy

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