Sony/Epic Deal? Gears Can Hit The NGP At Some Point, HHGS 2/20/11

1. MLB11 The Show Interview
2. Doom Unveiling Later This Year
3. Killzone 3 - 10/10 Best Special Effects Ever
4. Eminem & Proof R.I.P. Create Scholarship Program

Enjoy The Show And God Bless

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jashwin3507d ago

I hate your show and I'm not going to approve it. Trying to be "street" doesn't make you a good journalist.

Sadly, other people will approve it. -_-

thrasherv33507d ago

I can't believe some people consider this "news"

jashwin3507d ago

I'm pretty sure that 12-16 year olds worship his show to be "hip" and "street". HHG is one of the main problems N4G has; he is one of the reasons people don't take this site seriously.

I knew that I will get a ton of disagrees for my comment above, but I have the right to express my opinion and I used that right.

MAJ0R3507d ago

yup that's a HHGS title alright

lociefer3507d ago

lol wut other ppl, he submits and approves his own articles xDD, so much for democracy

vickers5003507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

You can call people who criticize HHG haters all you want, but it still doesn't change the fact that HHG is a terrible journalist.

Lol, that's a the defense mechanism for HHG fans.

Guy: Uh HHG, your claims are completely wrong and here is a link to prove it.
HHGFan: Man, youz just a jelouse hata yo'

Clarence3507d ago

I can't believe some people still continue to hate.

DaTruth3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

All I want to know is what exactly is there to hate about? How many people here actually aspire to be a gaming journalist, but for some reason there hate doesn't translate over to IGN, Destructoid and the hundreds of other so called gaming journalists!

How many people couldn't start a website making outlandish claims for hits, submitting and approving their own stories?

I don't care and HHG can do whatever he wants; but others also have a right to dislike it if they want and comment about it at will. If IGN made ridiculous and outlandish claims, they would be called out too, like they get called out for being biased all the time!

BattleAxe3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I enjoy what HHG does. Its funny how trolls don't get upset about the garbage that Lens of Truth, Bitmob, Gamingbolt, NowGamer, Kotaku and Ironstar put out there. If anything, HHG makes the industry more fun, as opposed to the flame war articles that the sites I mentioned above put out all the time, and yet people flock to Lens of Truth articles even though they play on fanboyism all the time, which is the biggest problem on this site.

NiKK_4193506d ago

i mean, what do you guys expect? he's not a part of some huge successful site that is already as big as it's gonna get, he's still coming up, he has a lot left to go before he's as big as he's gonna get. he's only as far as he is because of what he has done for himself, so yes, he makes some crazy titles sometimes for hits, but that's because he needs them, he's not as popular as you guys think, he's just trying to get bigger

AngryTypingGuy3506d ago

Having a big game like Gears of War go to a Sony system may actually be good for Microsoft in the long run. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that just may be the good, swift kick in the ass that MS needs to realize that it needs to seriously invest in first party studios.

While MS isn't able to produce as many exclusives as Sony, it has held its own using other methods, but they are no substitute for having a decent amount of first party support working on exclusives at all times.

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shinrock3507d ago

i feel ya! if this was made by any1 else but him i might put stock in to it.

ThanatosDMC3506d ago

What's with the championship belt?

faysal3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

if you dont like it dont even click on it END OF STORY. people are sick of you fools that says i hate you i hate your show yet they still have the time to watch it and even time to comment on it. dont like it dont watch it.

jashwin3507d ago

It's called being "proactive". I have the right to express my concerns, and if you say otherwise, please GTFO. I don't like it, that's why I comment!

And no, I don't watch his show, I'm not going to join the "hive mind" that's going on here just to "fit in". I really don't like his show and his outlandish stories. :/

BattleAxe3506d ago

Shut up already jashwin, your first comment makes you look racist rather than being simply "proactive". I hate sites like Gamingbolt because their articles are garbage, and so I don't even bother to read the articles anymore, its no big deal. At least we know that HHG goes to alot of events and talks to alot of people in the industry unlike alot of other sites that post articles on N4G.

jashwin3506d ago

I'm NOT trying to be racist in any way. That's a pretty big allegation that you are leveling against me and you are doing so without any evidence. Playing the "race card" is really low battleaxe. And you made me use my last bubble.

Please try to have a real mature conversation next time.

saladthieves3507d ago

I agree. I never take serious nor believe anything HHGS says. Last time I read this guy said that God of War 4 is in development (like as if he was working on it or something).

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3507d ago

"Trying to be street" isn't what he's doing. He's trying to be himself and not be some stuffy shirt "professional". If you don't like you know where the door is, though why you're here in the first place is another mystery entirely.

jashwin3507d ago

See my reply to "faysal" above. I'm just expressing my opinion here, just like you. If YOU don't like what I'M saying, YOU know where the door is :P

Why YOU are replying to MY comment is yet another mystery entirely! :P

Your ideology can work both ways.

elpresador3506d ago

means you need to have at LEAST a small aount of professionalism to which HHG has none.

THis guy is the PATCHER of journalism because he either "reports" on things that are well known or he just pulls crap out of his butt.

"Hey yo G, Im da Hip Hopz GAYMAH. I dun only speaks da truf yo. Dont be dissin me an dont be readin other shiznit G cause I keep dis rat here REALZ fo sho."

Makes you wonder if he will still be like tis when he hits 40.

RyuCloudStrife3507d ago

you know shit about the street...

nuff said

Calm Down Sunshine3506d ago

That was hardly 'enough said'...

It didn't even make sense.

Oh, and hiphopgamer.. Stop with the ridiculous titles.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3507d ago

"Your ideology can work both ways."

Hardly. I didnt come here to read your opinion about a person that you claim to dislike but tune into his show every week just as faithfully as his fans. But to clear up the "mystery" as to why I replied to you, it is because I like to see ppl expose their own ignorance... so thanks for the entertainment and I'm sure I'll see you next Sunday :). Because we both know that for you ( in the words of HHG) "aint nothin else to do."

faysal3506d ago

LOL well said mate let them b!tch as much as they like bcoz at the end of the day HHGS will be back every sunday becaouse theres aint nothing else to do.

faysal3506d ago

I hate your show and I'm not going to approve it. Trying to be "street" doesn't make you a good journalist.
thats called B!tching about somes hard work not been proactive.
this is HHG article if you dont like it GTFO. you said "trying to be street doesn't make you a good journalist" so your trying to say being your self doesnt make you a good journalist? this so called street guy is ssponsored by SONY and has excess to almost every single dev's out there and guess what they like him more then any other journalist because of he is who he is. its only you silly people/jounalist who sit on there ass all day and isnt as good as him and will never will be is the ones seems to b!tch about him witch makes you guys SAD.

Also you said you dont watch hes show and then you said his stories are outlandish? silly boy how the fuck do you know that hes stories are outlandish if you don't watch them? YH I THOUGHT SO.

its like an xbox fan is saying OMG I HATE PS3! BLA BLA then next day he bought a new ps3 just to burn it because he doesn't like it! the fact that he doesn't know is that he just made sony few credit by buying there console LOL so if you burn it or not sony don't care because he just made them some money and thats all they care about. you haters doing the same by clicking on hes article you're making it more popular and making him money by watching hes show just to b!tch about him at the end of the day he goes home happy by making money out of you/haters and you/haters still stys at the same position.


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iliimaster3506d ago

wow jashwin definition of hater

catguykyou3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Gears wont appear on NGP. Epic is working on something new though. That might possibly be reveal at GDC.

Edito3506d ago

Lol it's sou fun to lol @ ppl like you HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you came here (the 1st) to say that you don't like and don't approve his show??? Damn why didn't you just skip it??? it's because deep inside it make a difference in you lol... THUMBs UP HHGS... THUMBs DOWN to ppl who log just to say you suck... keep doin your work man...

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MR LOOKINGBILL3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

this is totally senseless. Geow is published by MS. I don't think this will never happen. HHG dude knows this just trying to get hits. @above sadly all his stuff gets approved here he's pro Sony. I hope MS and Nintendo refuse interviews with him because of this.

Jio3507d ago

Gears isnt owned by microsoft, well not the entire franchise anyways. Its like the mass effect series

Iroquois_Pliskin3507d ago

Microsoft only publishes Gears.

Trizard3506d ago

@Indian dude and Jio
Which is exactly what he said. Published.

MeanOldman3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

dude publisher doesnt mean exclusive unless its in the pub agreement an they all aint the same. look at this

ms publish

now look at this

2kgames publish

also this dude

Stewie2k83507d ago

So because HHG is pro Sony, it gets approved? i don't even think a lot of Sony fanboys like him either.

MeanOldman3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

give it a rest stewie. i dont like the dude either but look at all the damned ps3 is doomed, psp is doomed, ps3 in 3rd place thas desperation on that one ha ha cause the ps3 will catch the 360 this year. look how those got approved cause they is antips3. the articles dont make a lick o sense but it dont matter as long as they are negative sony. you got this much room to complain. an by that i mean my fingers is about a eighth a inch apart.

Hitman07693507d ago

Doom is so amazing I can't wait for another Doom, Duke Nukem Forever always has me going crazy!

seraphcaeli3507d ago

Gears isn't coming to NGP and everyone knows they are going to unveil DooM4 at QuakeCon this year. Carmack had said it's in development.

duplissi3507d ago

carmack works for ID, gears is made by epic....

seraphcaeli3507d ago

Sorry I should have made that 3 sentences instead of two. You know what I meant. No gears on NGP. DooM 4 is obv being unveiled.

MexicanAppleThief3507d ago

Well, all things said, HHG is pretty good in the entertainment factor. In the reliability factor however..

GameOn3507d ago

well I think youre half right...