Dead Minecraft – Dead Island Spoof Trailer

Just this past week, the world was treated to its first trailer, screenshots, and info for the survival horror zombie game Dead Island. Well, it didn’t take long for people to start remixing the trailer and adding their own flair to it. However, it apparently didn’t take long for it to be spoofed in other games like Minecraft.

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SexCells2795d ago

For a Minecraft version of the Dead Island trailer I have to say this is very well done with what they have.

Kran2795d ago

Agree button on your agree button comment.

Hitman07692795d ago

Minecraft is so amazing it just never ends. I am seriously wondering what's next from this dev.

branchedout2795d ago

From the devs?

Try the hackers and modders of the community!
They're doing some really awesome stuff with the game!
Adding in new items, creatures, blocks, making the game look better, making multiplayer usable...
Nearly endless.

NaiNaiNai2794d ago


Was anyone else laughing at this remake. XD

gman_2972794d ago

Whilst the original game's trailer made me feel emotion in it that I'd never seen out of any form of media before, this made me laugh. I'm sorry, but Minecraft just makes everything hilariously awesome.