9.5 : Killzone 3 Review

Popular Irish gaming site writes "As close to the perfect shooter as anyone will get this year"

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MasterOfThe12Blades2795d ago

"For anyone worried about the 4.5 hours game time rumour, then don’t this took me between 8-10 hours to finish in my first run through. The second run through took around 8 hours..."

I sure hope so!

bluegreenman2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I cant wait! 2 days and ill have this and bulletstorm in my hands. KZ3s online is just pure fun.

the disagree is funny.. haha

norman292795d ago

Butthurt fanboys my friend thats all those disagrees are

bluegreenman2795d ago

one day gaming will be free from the virus called fanboy.. only then will we see the full potential of video games as an art from.

warrior99882795d ago

i would say very fare review i cant believe other reviews

edwineverready2795d ago

In europe it is 25th so a few days later, But last time it was the other way around. Can't wait to unload my sharpshooter on those helghast!!!

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