Bulletstorm review: The Vanquish of First Person Shooters

VGArabia: The same way Vanquish made third person shooters fun again, Bulletstorm did it now for first person shooters. Every developer these days want to create a similar military shooter to Call of Duty in an attempt to seize some of the success the Call of Duty franchise does have these days. People Can Fly and Epic Games have had a different plan with Bulletstorm.

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DoomeDx2822d ago

Lol game got leaked, and bam reviews come in.

This is like the first Bulletstorm review, which comes from an pretty 'unknown' site

hardcore19122822d ago

vgarabia is a well known website. It isn't an 'unknown' site. The review is well written.

DoomeDx2822d ago

Ok i never knew that. But i still think they used the pirated version.

soundslike2822d ago

well written???!

"Bulletstorm is all about kill with skill. Sure, you can play the game boringly like how you would play any other shooter. But you will miss what makes Bulletstorm a unique and enjoyable shooter. Also, you won’t be rewarded with points if you do so"

There are so many things wrong with this...

Flame me and say "well its still a good review", that's for you to decide, but it's definitely not "well written".

Also the way its written is definitely not the good part. and also lolipops. and like...but like...and....also...that' s why it reminds me of vanquish

zootang2821d ago

As I thought no deductions for fundamental game elements like JUMP!

catguykyou2821d ago

Some games don't need jump. Games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and BulletStorm. Was there a reason you wanted the game to have points deducted for a feature that nothing in the game was designed around?

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hardcore19122822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

A lot of people have a legal copy of the game. One of my friends is playing it on his Xbox360 right now.

INehalemEXI2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I think of it as UT3 with more character, and some crazy mutators will get that.

eterry2822d ago

the reviews for the game are allowed to be released tomorrow which means that most of them are already written, so maybe this site just jumped the gun a little bit but still used the true disk version

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iistuii2822d ago

See why you think it's a pirate copy when in under 2 days it's out in the US.

DelbertGrady2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

When did they lift the review embargo of this game? Why would a small site like get to publish the first review?

Also, I'm 90% sure Bulletstorm is banned in most arabic countries, so how can this copy be legal?

AhmadVGArabia2822d ago

Who told you that Bulletstorm is banned in most Arabic countries? Also we always get the games (legal not pirated) days earlier than the official release of the game.

NukaCola2822d ago

excellent point. well said there. the arabic countries 99 times out of....well....99, would never allow a game like this to be sold there.

AhmadVGArabia2822d ago

@ NukaCola: Games get banned in Saudi Arabia and UAE most of the time. I live in Jordan and in my country never ever a game was banned.

palaeomerus2822d ago

Don't you just love it when people who don't live in your country and don't even know what country you are in tell you what life is like in your country? LOL.

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Kon2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Wow, awesome score!

EDIT: Ok, so 9.2 isn't great...

NukaCola2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Score is good, but your rep as a troll is why you always have disagrees.

EDIT: Just be a gamer, not a hater. In this day an age it's not logical to troll anymore. Oh by the way bulletstorm and kz3 in 3 dayz....

Kon2822d ago

You speak the truth my friend.

hassi942822d ago

Still no excuse. If people are so pathetic to bear grudges then that's just plain lame. Even if he does troll, doesn't mean people should have an instant bias against what he says. People on N4G need to be more mature.

chase1672822d ago

this game is more like an 7/5 - 8
and i finish the game

Schism202822d ago

Judging by the demo this game is not gonna be good at all IMO.

NukaCola2822d ago

that was my dilemna because the videos look amazing but the demo was really weak. I be the whole game will be good overall. Not as good as Cliffy makes it out to be, cause he is a raging douchebag.

Rage_S902822d ago

i wasn't too impressed by it but im glad some people like its just not my cupa tea

Greek God2822d ago

Vanquish is amazing buy it

Parapraxis2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I loved Vanquish, but the demo for Bulletsorm left me with a very negative impression.
The comparison honestly confuses me.
"The same way Vanquish made third person shooters fun again, Bulletstorm did it now for first person shooters. "
Uncharted, Gears and MGS are all 3rd person shooters and they are all a blast, at what point did they become boring? Also I've really enjoyed plenty of FPS games as of late, KZ2, Resistance and Bioshock to name a few.

This is the only comparison between the two games and it's a very poor point, the review overall is OKAY, just missed the mark by a large margin with the Vanquish comparison.

I found the Bulletsorm demo to be repetitive, lacking challenge and immature (and not in a good way like South Park).

I suspect this will be one of the higher scores for this game as most people who review it will not be caught up in the sophomoric jokes and un-intelligible AI.

Vanquish is a gem, Bulletstorm is more like a polished turd.

Greek God2822d ago

yep gameplay was kind of bland
you had just diffenrent ways to kill enemys imo
guess not my type of game...

btw got Platin in Vanquish :O