Save £45 On Xbox 360 Slim 250GB

It seems that amazon is doing deals all round, the Xbox 360 Slim is available for £ 159 instead of its normal price of close to £200. This is a great deal if you are looking to get into the xbox 360 or buying the PS3 which has also been reduced to £192

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2824d ago

I Believe Xbox 360 & PS3 Prices Will e Dropped At GDC 2011

xtremexx2824d ago

maybe, but what would that mean? new gen in 2012?

AAACE52824d ago

Agreed! Both consoles are overpriced!

Before the fanboys get defensive, I mean that people don't want to spend $300 for a console!

You can try to justify it and say a console has this and that, but average people really don't give a sh*t about that.

Movies are becoming less popular to buy, which is why so many just go with netflix. So what type of movie player you have really only applies to the techie!

My opinion, both consoles should be at $200! MS can drop the price of the arcade to $100, or just eliminate it all together! Wii needs to be at $100 as well.

blumatt2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I'm pretty sure he means that the 360 is closer to the end of its lifecycle than the PS3. It has reached its peak, more or less. There's not much more it can do, graphically or otherwise. It's at its performance ceiling. The PS3, however, still has a ways to go, but is getting close to its peak too. Games like Uncharted 3 and InFamous 2, however, seem to be showing that the PS3 still has more performance to be wrung from it.

I'd say expect a new 360 console (maybe called 720. I hope not. lol) in the year 2012 and a PS4 around 2013 or so. A new Nintendo platform is a harder call, but probably around 2012-2013 as well.

It really would NOT surprise me to see MS show off its new console at this E3. It would be a huge surprise and would give them a nice boost, as far as hype and excitement goes. The PS3 will continue to deliver high quality exclusives the rest of its lifetime and will fuel excitement for the platform.

@Kon Why ignore me? I'm just saying that the 360 has hit its peak graphically, for the most part. It's graphics might improve slightly but you're not going to see any Uncharted 2 graphics, let alone Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, or InFamous 2 graphics. Xbox 360's main selling point is Xbox Live. That's why people flock to it. As you can see, exclusives are few and far between. Except for Kinect games, Gears 3 seems to be holding the 360 platform down this year. It's a good game, but one or two exclusives a year isn't going to cut it when your competition (PS3) is bringing out like 7 or 8 exclusives in 2011, not counting Move games. (And many of its hardcore exclusive support Move. KZ3 works beautifully with the Move by the way.)

So don't go tell everyone to ignore me. I know what I'm talking about. As a gamer, can you really support the console with only a couple exclusives over the one with tons of exclusives as well as true third party exclusive content?(free Medal of Honor Frontlines with PS3 MoH and free Dead Space Extraction with PS3 Dead Space 2)

Face it, without XBL, the 360 would be dead in the water.

Tinasumsum2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


Funny fairytale that made my day.

He probably meant Microsoft is in a better position to drop the price and Sony isn't. He could also be trying to stealth troll saying Sony's fictional annual claim of the 'year of the PS3' will force Microsoft to drop allowing Sony to keep the current price.

I don't even understand how you guys keep these myths alive. Multi platform games like Crysis 2, Brink, Rage look better than any exclusives on any platform.

Price drop announcements at GDC? LMAO looks like people are desperately mentioning price drops already because they know the 360 is starting to trend higher sales on average.

This 360 news is about a deal No one cares about Killzone 3 or Move, literally!

-MD-2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah the 360 peaked yet they just moved 8+ million kinects in a few months. You're smart.

"I know what I'm talking about."

That's just the icing on the cake.

"Face it, without XBL, the 360 would be dead in the water."


blumatt2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I said it has peaked graphically. Obviously, casual gamers that buy Kinect aren't going to care about graphics, so of course they'll still buy a 360 just for the Kinect. lol

@ Hiredhelp

Thank you. I wasn't trying to troll. I was trying to make a point. The 360 needs a price cut more than the PS3. A more attractive price point is what has kept the 360 in the lead position this whole generation. Well, that and Xbox Live. I guarantee that if both systems' online services were par and the same, people would choose the PS3, since that's where the most games are. Not being a "fanboy" or a "troll" (lol at internet lingo). I'm just making a point.
Again, Thanks, hiredhelp. Much obliged.

Explain yourself, disagreer. lol ;)

Kalipekona2824d ago


Is that why Crysis 2 running on the 360 has impressed the hell out of all the journalists that recently played it? Is that why Crysis 2 on the 360 looks better than anything on the PS3?

The 360 and PS3 are pretty close in performance. The 360 has a better GPU and more available RAM, while the PS3 has a better CPU. It's up to developers to take advantage of the unique strengths of each console.

Tinasumsum2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It peaked graphically? Why are the games coming for it getting better and better? Why are games coming out on it in the near future have no match graphically?

High end PC graphics running unmatched on the 360.

Forza 4
Better in game graphics compared to GT5. Off screen is washed out this is what forza 4 looks like

a sharper looking Killzone 2 with more color also has Killzone 2 level designer working on Brink

Crysis 2

Well we already seen that running on the 360

guigsy2824d ago

The PS3 is really struggling in the US, it needs a price cut desperately.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

But I do think that all consoles will be dropping in price soon.

These consoles started with higher prices and are taking a long time to become cheap. Ive been thinking that wii and 360 should have had more cuts by now(although the slim is some added value over old 360s, but by now all 360s should also have decent HDs as well). I also think that the ps3 should have some sort of price cut soon, before word on the next consoles starts to appear.

Edit-- haha Blumat, both ps3 and 360 are nearing the end as their makers primary consoles. I do think that both sony and MS will continue to support their older consoles as well better than in previous gens(probably also make the new ones able to play ps3/360 games 100%).

bluegreenman2824d ago

once again someone like you has to come into an article, post a fanboy comment, and start a war. Why do you guys keep doing this? both systems have strengths and weakneses. stop fighting a fake war for a CORPORATION that only sees you as a $ sign. its just kiddish. Grow up and become a real gamer please.

byeGollum2824d ago

to be honest we dont need a hardware upgrade(yet), the current consoles do it all. HD graphics, Motion, 3D, online service.. if anything needed an upgrade it was the hand held consoles..

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Killzoned2824d ago

Wow that is really tempted! i got way enough money for this

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