Plasma Station : Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Review

Red Dead Redemption was a perfect experience as is, but what happens when you add zombies? You get another perfect experience from developer Rockstar. They always know how to keep everyone happy and this experience is another great tale to tell. There are so many games with zombies now a days, it all some times feels the same, though Rockstar took the simple idea and made one hell of an expansion for the Red Dead universe. We are stepping into the boots of John Marston once again, but this time it is his nightmare that will come to life! Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare starts right after you get your family back. (It’s not official but it’s an assumption) and one night your uncle has been gone for a long time and everyone is curious where he has went. Finally shows up and the story will begin. He bites your wife (bad move buddy) and then Mrs. Marston bites your son Jack. Now John doesn’t fucking know what to do, so he ties them up and locks them up in their room because he doesn’t want to deal with the freaks, but will later.

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