First Live Action Killzone Trailer Now Available, With Full Release Due Next Week

Live action fan films have become increasingly popular in this generation of gaming, with Escape from City 17 and Beyond Black Mesa (with respect to Half-Life) among the most notable in recent memory. On the docket today is Killzone:Extraction, a short film from the highly talented and skilled creator Clinton Jones.

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Shok2798d ago

Not nearly as good as the Metroid Other M and Halo Reach ones, but still pretty cool. Wish it was longer and they showed Helghast in actual action.

Entropic2798d ago

Keep in mind that this is just the trailer; the full release is scheduled for next Sunday. Check out the linked story for some information regarding the directors previous work... Once Extraction is finished, I think it'll be pretty epic. Here's to hoping!

Dante1122798d ago

Yeah, I think it will as well, especially if I go off of the first pictures of the Killzone short film that they release earlier this year. Can't wait to see the full thing.

NukaCola2798d ago

I love fan films. My favorite one so far this year is FALLOUT NUKA BREAK.

See video below:

xAlmostPro2798d ago

@Shok The Resistance 3 ones beat this one and those ones

theonlylolking2798d ago

The halo and resistance ones are made by the companies themselves.

xAlmostPro2798d ago

uh-huh, im just saying i think the Resistance 3 ones have been the best out of all mentioned xD

Schism202798d ago

Yea that trailer wasnt good at all lets hope the full thing is much better

killcycle2798d ago

It looks terrible but knowing me i'll watch it anyway like i did Tekken.

Chnswdchldrn2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

i like the ISA costumes they had

very cool

also to the idiots above comparing it to professionally filmed live action advertisements, this is a fan film, and is obviously lower quality


killcycle2798d ago

I weren't comparing it to a professional movie and i don't see one comment doing that so why don't you stop assuming shit out your ass?

I said it looks poor, which it does but will be fun to watch if your a fan of Killzone.

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