Do you love “Zombie” games? I think it’s about time we all thank George

George A. Romero gave birth to a genre that has become a mainstream sensation in today’s videogames. I believe it’s about time George A. Romero gets the respect he deserves when it comes to the undead and videogames.

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Urrakia342893d ago

Thank George A. Romero for zombiessss!

kancerkid2892d ago

Love the man, even like his recent movies.

Close_Second2892d ago

How can you say that. Diary of the Dead was simply dire. The guys last good zombie flick was Dawn of the Dead in the 70's.

kancerkid2892d ago

My favorite was Day of the Dead. I am just so in love with the concept, thought the execution could have been so much better. The zombie kills were not as good (who can forget the screwdriver kill from Dawn) but they were more gory. Land of the Dead was alright. I just saw Survival, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I have seen far worse zombie flicks.

Bathyj2893d ago

Hear hear.

And a round of applause for Tom Savini while we're at it.

VenomProject2893d ago

Agreed. Without Mr. Savini, the world may have never known the joys of killing zombies in absurdly awesome ways.

DanSolo2893d ago

He deserves respect for the original dead trilogy, and for the fact that he was the pioneer for the genre....

But to be honest, all of his latest movies have been pretty poor. Land of the Dead had a good budget and was not too bad but was below par, Diary of the Dead was a bit crap but was watchable.... but by Survival of the Dead (which was a pile of shit), I think it is clear that he is better off being remembered and respected for the originals... and hanging up his zombie killing shotgun and calling it a day!

RXL2893d ago

i agree...he's been missing rather than hitting lately..but you can't fault the man..most of his movies do have some social commentary in them..i think it would be great if he could team up with a great director to polish his ideas...

Kakihara2893d ago

Agreed, I owe a huge bloody chunk of my youth to Romero's original trilogy but I choose to thank him by forgetting every movie he's made since 1990.

RXL2893d ago

Zombies were around before Mr. Romero..but he did create the zombie we all love to kill and dismember today..

im a zombie fanatic and have been one since i was a youngin...

hmmm..and im not all f**ked up and killing people and doing dumb sh!t...i wonder how the mainstream media would spin that..


Thank you Mr. Romero!

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The story is too old to be commented.