110° - Comedian Dara O' Briain: "Proud to be a gamer"'s Mike Harradence writes: 'In a world where the whiff of the age-old gamer stereotype still lingers ever in our nostrils, comedian Dara ‘O Briain is a breath of fresh air. In case you haven’t heard of the Irish funny man, O’ Briain is a gamer. Not just any gamer, though. He’s from that rare breed of folk who aren’t afraid to stand up publicly and admit the fact he’s a joy pad junkie.'

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Stewie2k82794d ago

I'd like to play a some COD with him using his mic. shouting at other players :D

LightofDarkness2794d ago

Funny, Irish, and proud to be a gamer. Dara's cool too, I guess :p

Sugreev20012794d ago

It's stupid why being an Adult gamer is such a social taboo.