Jill Gameplay in Marvel vs Capcom 3

Alzmer posted a gameplay video of Jill Valentine, the first character from the DLC Pack with Shuma-Gorath. This video comes from a hacked version off the PS3 leading us to believe that these characters are on disc and just waiting to be unlocked.

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fnjimmy2800d ago

I have Jill and I don't need her.

Technical World2799d ago

Jill's eyes are too far apart in this game her face doesn't look right.

ABizzel12799d ago

Guess there's no need for Cammy. Her attacks seem extremely weak damage wise compared to other players.

Jikla2799d ago

This sounds kinda noobish, but how do you do an aerial tag combo? :s

Myst2799d ago

lt, md, or h attack do it enough and just hit the sp button [one you used to launch the aerial combo] and it should do the tag for you.

CrimsonEngage2799d ago

Video removed. Fuck my life.