GameRant: Has 'World of Warcraft: Cataclysm' Split Azeroth in Two?

Blizzard has made a significant number of controversial changes to ‘World of Warcraft’ with ‘Cataclysm’ – but has the update alienated WoW fans and split the playing field between casual and hardcore gamers?

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BuckyBarnes2800d ago

I once read something that 5% of the players in the entire population plays like 85% of actual gametime in game. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense, please the smaller portion of your audience that play the game the most.
Its very delicate to balance hardcore and casual. I hate the term casual btw...translates to lazy people who are gaming because its trendy now, not because they actually like the game.

bwazy2800d ago

I just started playing WoW around the end of November and quit around a week into January. From the beginning of my first character I have managed to level the following.

- 85 Druid
- 75 Death Knight
- 75 Paladin
- 60 Shaman
- 50 Priest
- 30 Warlock
- Several other characters I cant be bothered to mention.

I did this during exam's in University and during Winter Break...

I have no idea when WoW was hardcore, but It definitely wasn't when I started to play. Ill assume pre 4.0 patch though.

Big_Mex2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

yah the thing with WoW is that from my experience (been playing about a year)it is easy as fuck to level dudes up to 85 but once u get there its another amount of leveling (aka acquiring gear/rep with factions that offer superior enchants for different pieces of gear/heroic gear drops) to get ready for the actual cata raiding content. Im a pretty casual player got 2 85's and a priest at 81 but each one took me about a week at most to get to the max level. However to even contribute in raids u need to have some nice gear from acquiring valor pts/random heroic dungeon drops and even then your not really geared enough.U do have to be somewhat "hardcore" to get all ur dudes ready to raid as that takes some fucking time. only one i got so far is my warlock ready for raiding. However, with this game in general it is mainly online research (spell roations/best gear/what stats to foucs on for your character) and minimal boss mechanics which in my mind if youve been playing games in general the past few years then the mechanics of fights in this game should be easy as hell to figure out in one attempt. I however love just leveling dudes. I can see how WoW doesnt appeal to others as im the ONLY one of my friends that plays it and tried to get others but they dont want to have to spend that much time leveling a guy to see the endgame content.
Which is one the main thing in mmorpg's that u HAVE to buy into is the leveling aspect of the games. Some would rather just have instant gratification in their gaming. i on the other hand have no biases in gaming at all and as long as its good u can bet ill be playin.1

bwazy2800d ago

True, but the entire concept of WoW still confuses me as far as raiding goes....


1) Do raids to get gear
2) Once you have gear, do more raids to get better gear
3) Once you have best gear... you can easily clear content.
4) ???
5) Profit

alphakennybody2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Was expecting more out this expansion, so many missed opportunities. It seems blizz would rather count the dough($$) with kotick than do an actual serious worthwhile changes to move the game forward.

Big_Mex2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )


Yah you stated u only played for a few months and obviously leveled dudes instead of going for one central character which im guilty of too, then you havent even seen how rare drops are for the new shit (raids/heroic dungeons). In raids its not like u down a boss and everyone gets a piece of loot. I'ts random drops all the time, on top of that usually u "roll" for a piece of gear if something does happen to come up for you to use and then u have to win that roll to get it. When i got my warlock to 80 and did a shitload of raiding (pre cata) i got maybe one new piece of loot every 5 or 6 raids i did (if i was lucky) Furthermore, they keep adding new gear AND raids so you can never really have "the best gear" because new shit keeps getting implemented. The items that are currently only obtainable using "valor points" will be placed in the "justice points" vendor here ina bit and then the valor vendor will have all new gear. as well as new enchants, gems, and other craftable items they havent even put in the game yet for professions. Another thing that u have to buy into with these games is doing the exact same shit over and over and over and over. not like theres very much variation in gameplay. you either dig it or you dont.