How I Played Killzone 3 With A Mouse

When I first reviewed the Splitfish FragFX Shark I was extremely happy to roll over years Counter-Strike skills on the PC back to console games. The Splitfish line of controllers allowed my precise mouse movements to be translated into analog movements and I found a new love for console first person shooters.

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BakedGoods2800d ago

Next thing we'll see articles like "How I played Killzone 3 with Kinect"

...oh wait, nevermind, that'd look retarded.

awiseman2800d ago

Thats so off topic....its just trolling

andrew1719942800d ago

sad to say its probably goin to happen with all people hackin the system now

Kon2800d ago

Just like your comment

killcycle2800d ago

Frag FX don't get rid of the weight system, it just changes your right stick to a mouse.

I find the pad much more precise with a DS3 but now Kz3 is here the Move just seems to perform better then them both for me.

t0mmyb0y2800d ago

I dont follow xbox360 articles. whats the point

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wwm0nkey2800d ago

For proper KB+M support you need a better input device since all games have different view lock.

XIM3 for the 360 is a good example.

CyberCam2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

The PenguinUnited Eagle Eye makes the FragFx, Fragenstein and all other imitations irrelevant! It has fully adjustable deadzone to totally eliminate the zigzaging the others are plague with and the game doesn't need to be coded any special way. Also, you can use almost any mouse & keyboard you feel comfortable with.

duplissi2800d ago

... im pretty sure my fragfx has an adjustable deadzone.

RBLAZE19882800d ago

That is so true man. I had a splitfish and returned it the next day. What a shoddy product. It was worse than playing with analogue sticks. I use the eagle eye converter and it feels 98% like playing on a pc. I pray that nobody here falls for this product after they read my comment. If you want to try mouse and keyboard on ps3 get the eagle eye convertor.

theonlylolking2800d ago

XIM3 is easily the best of them. If only there was a PS3 version of it.

@anyone who reads this

I know about eagle eye and fragFX but they are not as good as the XIM3.

CyberCam2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

WOW! From the looks of it... it's going cost about as much a console! Great to see that they got rid of having to use a pc along side with it and having the ability to store 50 configurations is very cool!

Unfortunately, I'm not a 360 gamer.

RBLAZE19882800d ago

Actually there are xim3 adapters for the ps3. I think you might be confused.

adamthecarolla2800d ago

if only the Obsiv would release the dam XIM 3 already! get some volunteers!

andrew1719942800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

i just wish they would make mor console games like unreal tournement 3 where u can use a keyboard and mouse, mod the game, and actually have funn :)

RBLAZE19882800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I can't understand why devs don't give the option for mouse and keyboard on the ps3. Even sony's first party devs. They should be the ones leading the way with this option i mean it is a supported control scheme on ps3 and not the 360...they could use it to get people on the side of the ps3. They would sell a lot more copies if they had this. I wish i worked at one of these companies so I could smack the decision makers.

badz1492800d ago

but they do make DS3 and MOVE! they obviously want to sell those but good enough not blocking any 3rd party peripherals like kb+m to work with the PS3! plus, it's all about console gaming and controllers are the way to go on console.

RBLAZE19882800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

It was an advertised feature. If you think that playing fps games with a controller is better than a mouse and keyboard you need help. Also why not give the option and split up the matchmaking for each control method like they do between ds3 and move.

Also sony could make a mouse and keyboard peripheral to sell and make money.

badz1492800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

why's the need to be so defensive? I said it's just that Sony is focusing everything on consoles because they are supporting PS2, PSP, PS3 and soon to come the NGP and the main purpose of gaming on console is to be away from kb+mouse! although it's an advertised feature, Sony has no obligation to utilize it in their games just like how youtube upload feature are not being utilized by 99.9% of games out there!

it's not like you're restricted with controller on the PS3. you can still use kb+m if you want to although special add-ons are required but yeah, most console gamers prefers controllers over kb+m because if that's not the case, they all would've been a dedicated pc gamer in the 1st place!

"Also sony could make a mouse and keyboard peripheral to sell and make money."

why would they do that? you think they can compete with dirt cheap kb+m available on the market today? NOT A CHANCE!

solidworm2800d ago

Lol PC gamers want the tech to do the aiming, skill required.

zeph942800d ago

Thats why consoles have auto-aim built in....

andrew1719942800d ago

true that, thats why most players on consoles wen it comes to real games they suck

theonlylolking2800d ago

That is what I hate. It messes up my aim instead of fixing it.

im-12-years-old2800d ago

Enjoy your auto aim solidworm

Stationfan2800d ago

Believe it or not with proper calibration Move will give you the KB mouse feeling, but feel even better because the aesthetics and trigger button. It will take practice but once you get the hang of it its a beast.

The thing is people will knock it because the won't get used to it first day, and act like if kb and mouse clicked first day.

LunaticBrandon2800d ago

Move does not come close to the precision of a mouse but it definitely is way more precise than I thought possible.

Dark_king2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Actually the move is as precise as a mouse.But because your actually holding it up your supporting weight this tends to make you more inaccurate.If you remove the human element they are however both as precise as each other.

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