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"On February 27th, 2009 a title by the name of Killzone 2 had finally arrived on store shelves after the remarkable amounts of hype it had attracted since it’s unveiling during Sony’s E3 2005 press conference. While Guerrilla Games and Sony were attempting to convince their consumers that what they were seeing could be done on the PlayStation 3, we all laughed and never thought something of this visual prowess would hit anytime soon. We are now in the year of 2011 and Guerrilla Games’ latest offering has surpassed the unbelievable E3 2005 trailer of Killzone 2 in every aspect."

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Nick2120042824d ago

Killzone 3 is an AMAZING FPS. I cannot wait till you all are able to pick it up and experience this adventure on February 22nd!

Aither2824d ago

It is amazing. The demo both multi and single were astounding. I am surprised at the low reviews that came in for it as the demo alone felt like a 9.5 to me. The reviews are mixed but I am leaning towards the higher reviews on this one.

talltony2824d ago

Anyone here lucky enough to get a early release copy?

razorbutt2824d ago

I got my Copy Yesterday Saturday. Finished it today.. It took me 10 hours on Veteran. I don't know why it got a 7 or a 8 from some of the websites that reviewed it. some of them took points away because there was too much screen darkening in between scenes?? well I didn't experience that at all.

talltony2824d ago

Interesting... I noticed their was some inconsistencies in the reviews concerning the pauses during the sp. I noticed that some talked about it while others don't seem to notice. Strange...Either way I cannot wait for this game after that beta.

king dong2824d ago


i could accept you review if it wasnt a review wrote especially for n4g. if by setting the console graphics bar then i agree... if by anything else then no i dont agree.

the parts i have played are good, but not a genre defining game by any stretch of the imagination. please, i know it is easy to leech hits from n4g with something positive, but it is very transparent.

day one for me.. no doubt 12 out of 10 from you. its sickening reading the stuff you write. are you paid by sony??

DatNJDom812824d ago

@king dong

Yo u sound mad. U alright?

king dong2824d ago

mad?? lol yeah mad that my copy of kz3 isnt sitting in my ps3 yet....thats all

BattleAxe2824d ago

When you compare Killzone3 against games like Halo: Reach and Black Ops, this score is well deserved. Both Halo and Black Ops haven't done anything genre defining in the last 3 years, and yet they get 10/10 without any critical analysis.

Marquis_de_Sade2824d ago

Battleaxe, what exactly has KZ3 done to define the FPS genre? It's a step down from KZ2 in my eyes and one of the first disappointments of this year.

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badz1492824d ago

OMG I can't believe that tomorrow is the 22nd! I hope I can get my hands on KZ3 tomorrow! it's hard as hell to get hands on new 1st party sony titles here day 1, it's frustrating!

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egm_hiphopgamer2824d ago

yo i agree dog, this game is beast my review coming later on today as well keep up the good work

Darkspade2824d ago

We know your Review Fanboy. I'm guessing 10/10...

TheSingle player is Amazing when Playing but some Cut scenes far short of the games play Graphic's which is not a bad thing just kinda weird.....

Mutliplayer- Nothing to new here everything we've seen from part 1 but seems alittle Slower which is great..

saoco2824d ago

you must just not like the game, which it's ok because it's your opinion. i personally see a shiet load of improvement form kz2, too many to list. i think many reviewers are too picky it's like instead of playing and seeing the game for what it is, they play it to nik pick...ON THE SILLIEST SHIT TOO. example:

TheSingle player is Amazing when Playing but some Cut scenes far short of the games play Graphic's which is not a bad thing just kinda weird.....

see??? why cant we just enjoy the experience the developers are trying to give us. we focus and talk about the bad sooooooo muchhhh that tha we forget all the badass shit the game does.

it's like the news more often we hear the bad than the good.

BattleAxe2824d ago

Other than maybe Battlefield and Crysis, what else on the market compares to Killzone3? The short answer is nothing Darkspade, so go back to Halo: Reach and your cartoon colored environments with your pink armor and your super mario floating jump.

evrfighter2824d ago

"Killzone is the best this gen. Proof"

i'm guessin thats what his article will read

ElDorado2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Don't listen to Darkspade. He is probably a fanboy himself. If you think Killzone 3 is worth a 10 give it a 10. If you think Killzone 3 is worth a 8 give it a 8. Killzone 3 is a great game. I already have a copy and it's freaking amazing. If Killzone 3 get a 7/10 Darkspade will say: That's fair! How can you hate on Killzone man seriously. I have PC/PS3/Xbox 360 and PS3 has the most triple-A exclusives.

cyborg69712824d ago

Why do you only have one bubble hiphop? Oh that's right you praise sony too much. Keep up the good work bud, don't let n4g get you down here have a bubble.

talltony2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Lol why do you only have one bubble? You praise Sony too much? Jk

killajd2824d ago

I cant wait to get this, Iv played the single player demo and was amazed and actually got my brother into this game.

DJnal052824d ago

This game is my fav FPS this gen!! tho i must say BFBC2 came close...

Great show nick...

Keep the good stuff coming....

Aither2824d ago

I agree, BFBC2 did come close. I felt that they took some things out of the KZ2 controls and made it their own. However the KZ3 universe and controls just feel so much better to me now.

NBT912824d ago

Yeah anything above good "sets the bar" these days

Commander_TK2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yh lol. Take Halo 3 as an example.

NBT912824d ago

I just think it is a very over used term among Gaming media... No comment on Halo 3 though, I never played it

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