Ten PS3 games that will be remembered in future generations [GALLERY]

GB: "Right from the golden days of the PlayStation One to the trend setting days of the PlayStation 2, the brand has given us innumerable games that we have not forgotten till date. Games like Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry still get mentioned in communities and articles, despite the fact that these are over a decade old.

Today we take a look at ten such PlayStation 3 games that will be remembered by fans even when the PlayStation 4 comes out (if there is ever one)."

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Assassin Nawabi2800d ago

for sheer innovation i'll never be able to forget lbp

HolyOrangeCows2800d ago

I'd switch out HS for GOWIII.

I'm 8 for 10 on this list. Great bunch of games.

schlanz2800d ago

No Ratchet & Clank love? A Crack in Time is one of my all-time favorite PS3 games.

Also, as far as PSN games go I'll never forget about Flower or the PixelJunk games. Hell, I've had one of the Eden wallpapers as my XMB background for two years now... and I doubt I'll ever change it.

ImmortalLegend2800d ago

I agree with 5 of them. LBP, MGS4, Heavy Rain, Demon Souls, and UC2.

TheGrimBunny2800d ago

I still remember the night of June 12th, 2008 I was lined up outside the shop, waiting for those damn guys to give us MGS4. I waited and I waited before the baby came to me. Dammit Kojima...give us Metal gear Solid 5 already.

remanutd552800d ago

lol you should see where i was doing line that day , i was a big ass line , i'll tell ya that

Istanbull2799d ago

Anyone remember this:

"Gametrailer Reviews:

Halo 3 Story - 9.6
Assassins creed story 9.7
MGS4 Story - 8.7

Thursday, June 12th, 2008. The day GT lost ALL the credibility they had left.

There is nothing more to add, bias at its best!"

Focker4202800d ago

I didn't have quite the same experience as you. I came home more excited than ever, just to finally play it and then bam, ruined. Snake walked around like an old man taking a dump. I just couldn't get past it and traded it in a few hours later.

I absolutely love MGS 1-3, but it was an immediate upset when I popped in MGS4. I'm sure the game was great, but I couldn't just walk around for hours trying to take a dump.

2800d ago
remanutd552800d ago

no God of War 3 ? no Motorstorm ? no list , well they did put Heavenly Sword , Warhawk , Little Big Planet , Metal Gear Solid 4 and Resistance Fall of Man so it wasnt that bad list lol anyways to each their own

Octo12800d ago

Hey thanks man. I did not even notice that GoW3 was not there. That's a rather large omission.

sam22362800d ago

No, no it's not. GoW3 is good, yeah, but not THAT good.

KRATOS-PS32800d ago

God of War 3 is one of the most epic games out there man. It must be there. Sorry, but this fails!

Focker4202800d ago

Wow, how the hell is there no GOW3?? Thats unbelievable.

SnakeMustDie2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

No Valkyria Chronicles? No Flower? God of War 3?

Rage_S902800d ago

best psn game

hellzsupernova2800d ago

heavy rain defiantly i will remember that game forever

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