New Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Character Hinted At For Live Broadcast

Andriasang: Square Enix sending off PSP Final Fantasy game with a big pre-release event.

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BlueEye2794d ago

Really? Must be a secret character like Gabranth and that FFXI character were in the original. Could not possibly be anything else since they have already released the official pre rendered CGI massive battle trailer

RedPawn2794d ago

I would love
Cid Raines
to make the cut a somepoint, I'd pay for them in DLC, just at the right price.

Jezuz2794d ago

GENESIS, cause he is beast

SnakeMustDie2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Didn't Nomura said that only characters from main FFs will be included. I doubt Genesis or Zack will be included because CC can be considered a spin-off title like After Years, Dirge.

RedPawn2794d ago


Remember Zack is a liitle in VII, through flashback.

BigDollarZoe9542794d ago

would be nice if this hit the ps3 since it doesn't i always have my brother's psp playing the first one lol

ps3destroyer2794d ago

No it wouldn't because if it wasn't for games like this the psp would be dead.And also because you're a ps3 fanboy and want the game doesn't mean it shouldn't come to other platform too.

Eamon2794d ago

quite ironic of you calling him ps3 fanboy when your name is ps3servant lol.

I would love Dissidia to be on PS3. It would have a biger roster of characters, more moves for each character, HD graphics and possibly local multiplayer.

ps3destroyer2790d ago

My point is that is shouldn't come to the ps3 only.